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    The PET jars are suitable for mass-produced goods such as foods or personal care products. The jars can hold and keep foods such as beverages well preserved for a long time. Also, personal care products such as lotions, balms, or creams can fit into the jars without any problems.
    The PET jars have an overflow capacity which makes them the ideal choice for storing liquids and other products of different viscosities. The versatile usage of these jars makes them a good choice for wholesale production and long-term supplies.

    Attractive PET jar colors for branding

    PET jars are made in different colors, promoting brands who want their products to be more visible on the shelves. The variety of colors match brand logos. However, manufacturers can also choose the clear PET jars for products that should be visible to the buyer.
    For a classier look, the PET jars with an elegant frost design can be ordered directly from our factory. Also, color options such as amber or blue that can shield stored products from UV light are available. These colors do not peel away, so the products remain protected from UV light even if they are shipped to far locations.

    Durable PET jars

    The jars pass tests for chemical resistance and impact resistance. This means products stored in the jars can remain untampered even if the jar has a high impact on hard surfaces. The chemical tests indicate that any personal care products containing a mix of different chemicals can be safely stored in the jars. There are no worries about corrosion.

    Different jar shapes and designs are available

    Custom designs for PET jars are available. Brands have different unique demands, so it is a good thing that PET jars of different designs are available. The variety of designs gives manufacturers a chance to choose elegant styles that match their brand image.
    The order options include a variety of shapes such as square shaped jars, oval, cylindrical, or rounded shapes. Buyers who have unique ideas can discuss further to get custom shaped PET jars to make their brand stand out in the market.
    PET jars with straight sides can also be chosen. These designs are easy to handle and stable when placed on a flat platform.

    Leak proof caps

    The PET jars are compatible with leak proof caps. The caps that can fit these jars include the aluminum lined caps or plastic lined caps. Also, ribbed screw caps are a good choice to give users more grip power while opening or closing the jars.
    The continuous thread on the neck provides a strong hold that keeps the PET jar sealed and child proof.

    Different convenient sizes are available

    Buyers can order different jar sizes depending on the product to be stored in the jars. The PET jars are available in 30ml, 50ml, 300ml, up to 1,000ml. The larger sizes are most suitable for food products such as beverages.
    The PET jars have accurate dimensions to meet specific needs. This removes any problems related to inconsistencies in the brand’s products.

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