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    A lip balm tube will be your best friend when it’s time to apply lipstick! They are easy and convenient to carry around and feature different designs and application modes. They come in many different colors and scents as well as so you’ll never run out of options. Our collection of empty lip balm tubes has been designed to give businesses an array of options that will align with their brand message and unique product.

    Why lip balm tubes

    Lip balm tubes are a versatile way to apply lip care products. They come in handy sizes that will fit into anything from your back pocket to your purse. They are also represented in numerous designs and styles which offer some unisex options. Men can now confidently pull out a lip moisturizer in public without feeling coy.

    Diverse Tubes for Diverse Lip balms

    Our lip balm containers are available in tubes, squeeze tubes, sticks, mini jars and egg containers. The lip balms can be liquid, semi-solid or solid and there would still be a container for it in our collection.

    The empty tubes and stick type of style feature a convenient twist-up design that allows you to easily dispense just what you need without wasting excess product. These types of tubes are best for solid perfumes and other lip care products. Aside from preventing waste, they prevent spillage, which can create a mess.

    Another important feature of the empty tubes and stick design is that the application process is simple. They are built with applicator tips which facilitate direct application on the lip. This makes these BPA-free, twist-and-smear tubes ideal for an extra touch-up at work or school and when you need to hurry!

    The squeeze tube style promotes the convenience of using a liquid lip balm against a solid lump of lip care product or perfume. These are essential when you want a little more shine or glitter to your application.

    This will be an exciting preference for customers who are sceptical about sharing lip balm with others. This tube type can be used with an applicator. Now customers don’t have to worry about the hygiene of their friends who want to apply their lip care products. Whether for personal use or if one needs to share, the squeeze tube is a convenient option for lip care products.

    Empty mini jar and egg container styles of lip balm tubes are a game-changer provision in our collection. These jars spell class, elegance, and nonconformity in the lip balm industry. With different breathtaking designs, these tubes will take your business to an entirely new aesthetic level.

    Color palette

    These lip balm tubes come in various colors, sizes, and shapes to match your product brand and use.

    There are solid single-colored lip balm tubes that can outrightly tell customers the color of the lipstick they are about to choose. Then there are tubes with more details, color gradients designs, enthralling design patterns, and colorful prints.

    For size, we have a wide range you can choose from: from the small, portable finger-sized tubes to the larger ones with more capacity.

    Some of our tubes have matching colors with their accompanying caps whereas some other lip balm tubes have different colors, creating even more uniqueness and diversity.

    Eco-friendly, Ethical, Excellent Materials

    Our empty lip balm tubes are made of highly chemically resistant eco-friendly plastics. They will not react with the materials you’ve used for your quality lip balm products. To tighten loose ends, we carry out extensive tests to verify the unreactivity of our products to the essential ingredients you need in your product blend. This is why our lip balm tubes can be used for various flavors of lip balms.

    These organic raw materials are strong, durable, and have a high melting point. This is perfect for users from different geographical climes and when you might forget it in the car on a hot sunny day in the tropics!

    We use reusable plastic for our refillable plastic tubes such as the SWC-CM017 lip balm tube. They are cost-effective, chemically unreactive, and save the environment from depletion.

    Our biodegradable lip balm tube products stand out in the market because we have an excellent quality control strategy. We leverage the best minds and trained production engineers to ensure our biodegradable lip balm tubes meet your business requirements regarding ethical production standards and product quality.

    To increase client confidence in our lip balm tubes, we use a transparent batch production process allowing you to ask questions about any part of our business model, bulk ordering process, and delivery.

    Print and Customization

    With all of our lip balm tubes, we encourage and make provisions for customized lip balm tubes. The tubes are UV coated and it is easy to employ silk screen print or hot stamping to print your label on the tube.

    Because we manufacture, we can create a custom product for your brand to reflect brand values and goals. To do that, you will need to send us a message with desired specifications.

    Set purchase

    The lip balm tubes display assigned set purchase available. There are 3 sets of wholesale purchase options with different price tags. Typically, the more tubes you order, the less the cost per tube. Do well to browse through the provisions when you click on any of the lip balm tubes to make better-informed choices.

    It is also necessary to note that the lead time for each product differs and that stock lip balm tubes will be delivered in a shorter time than customised lip balm tubes. While a stock product might be delivered in as little as 10 days, customized lip balm tubes could take between 25 to 30 days.

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