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PE Bottle


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    The PE bottle is compatible with different closures such as airless pumps, mist sprayers, disc or flip top caps, screw caps, and much more. The selection of closure depends on the content to be stored in the bottle. The caps for the PE bottles are screwed on the neck, which features a long continuous thread. The thread matches the neck finish of the closure.
    For easy matching, suitable accessories for the PE bottle are offered with the package. This is convenient for buyers who would not go through a lengthy selection to find the best closure option for the bottles.

    Customizable PE bottles

    Branding for PE bottles is done by screen printing and other options such as hot stamping or adhesive labels. Screen printing is the common choice because of the surface handling for a PE bottle. It can get the best branding results showing the brand prominently on online stores or physical stores. The PE bottles are available for order then shipped to a screen printing or hot stamping factory for branding.

    Perfect for cosmetic and personal care products

    The packaging is most suitable for industrial use. PE bottles are a good choice for holding personal care products, cosmetics, and chemicals. The PE material is chemical resistant, so it won’t be destroyed by chemicals.
    The product is also suitable for alcohol-based content. The base, body, and neck are made from HDPE, which is eco-friendly. The PE bottles are acceptable in different industrial sectors. After packaging and sealing, they can be shipped to different parts of the world for use in many ways.
    The PE bottle capacity ranges from 30ml to 600ml. In some cases, customized orders will require producing a PE bottle collection that falls below this range or exceeds it. The flexible manufacturing process allows the producer to meet client’s demands regardless of the capacity they need. These bottles also have varying diameters and heights, which are set to complete the order specifications.

    Different shape molds are available

    The PE bottle can be produced in clear form, colored or frosted. The shape can be cylindrical, oval, or rounded. However, the base is always flat to keep the bottle stable on surfaces. Neck closure and finish ranges include 20/410, 28/410, 20/400, and much more, according to the client’s order specifications. Also, requests for customizing the product are accepted.
    The bottle also has a significant overflow capacity to help gauge the volume of content put in the bottle without wasting. The overflow capacity falls between 120.00 ml and 170.00 ml. It is important to know the overflow capacity because the PE bottle can hold liquids of varying viscosities, low, medium, or high.


    The bottles are durable and have high impact resistance. Compatibility with different closures also prevents loss of stored content. The PE material is not prone to fading when exposed to harsh weather conditions or direct sunlight. The product is packaged in cartons before shipping. All packages are labeled for convenience. The bottles are produced by extrusion blowing, which does not require a preform.

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