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The snap shampoo caps are mass-produced in different shapes and sizes. The shapes include oval, rounded or cylindrical, and much more. These snap shampoo caps are formed in various shapes because they are made from PP material. The variety makes it possible to find a snap cap that fits the plastic bottle to hold the shampoo product.

Easy to open and use

The snap lid is held by a sturdy flex hinge which can withstand regular use for a long time without breaking. This is a good feature because it ensures that the bottle will remain securely sealed to prevent accidental spillage. The support flex hinge is firm but does not pose any challenges to the user.
With minimal force, the flex hinge can be easily flipped to expose the orifice. After use, it is flipped back into position to close the orifice. There is a small edge beneath the snap cap, just by the orifice, making it easier to flip the snap shampoo cap open without hurting the fingers. The edge makes it possible for users with long nails to open and dispense shampoo from the bottle without any problems.

Perfect orifice size

The orifice size for snap shampoo caps is much smaller than many other caps in the market. It is ideal for dispensing shampoo in the right quantity, as much as the user wants. The orifice size for snap shampoo caps ranges from 0.125” to 2”, which is not a fixed range because buyers have different requirements.
The snap shampoo caps are designed to dispense shampoo liquids with the standard viscosity for such products. So, there is no need to worry about the orifice becoming blocked while it is in use.

Customizable snap shampoo caps

Snap shampoo caps are customizable. The products are made with different colored plastics to match the buyer’s brand logo. This is a good feature because buyers can choose a color that makes their product prominent in the shops or online stores. The neck size also allows for branding, which means logos can be printed on the snap shampoo caps before the product is displayed in the market.
These snap shampoo caps are held in position during and after using a thread inside the snap cap. The design for these caps has been done to accommodate a continuous thread which is the best option. The continuous thread makes it possible to securely tighten the snap shampoo cap over the bottle without worrying about accidental leaks.

Versatile features

The height for these snap caps is measured in inches, within the range of 0.5 – I inches. The neck closure diameter and finishing range from 18/400, 28/400, 20/410, etc. there are more ranges to choose from to match the bottle that has been selected to package the shampoo.
The double walls in the snap shampoo caps give it more resistance to prevent damage if there is any impact or if the cap drops on the floor. The double-wall also ensures the shampoo is channeled directly through the orifice. The snap shampoo caps are available for mass production orders.

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