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PETG Bottle


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    PETG bottles are much better because they are flexible and easier to use for packaging personal care products. These cosmetics can be liquids of different viscosities. Even though the PETG bottle is less brittle compared to other plastics, it is durable.
    The bottle can hold different types of product formulations which can include alcohol-based content. The PETG bottle does not become corroded or lose its appealing look when used to store such products. The high chemical resistance and durability make PETG bottles a good choice for manufacturers worldwide.

    Compatibility with different closures

    The PETG bottle is compatible with different types of neck closure. The high demand for this product is attributed to its versatile usage. It can fit perfectly with flip top caps, screw caps, lotion pumps, disc top caps, and mist sprayers, to mention a few. The neck on these bottles features a continuous thread that matches the different neck closures that can fit it securely.
    The continuous thread holds firmly regarding securing the content in the bottle, so there are no worries about losing content from a spillage.

    PETG bottles with different volumes

    PETG is available in different volumes, which is good for manufacturers who need bottles for their lotions, perfumes, essential oils, cosmetics, cream jars, etc. Generally, the volume capacity of the PETG ranges from as low as 15ml to as much as 500ml.
    The wide range is best because manufacturers of different products can find the PETG they need for their brand. The PETG product range has an overflow capacity, enabling the manufacturer to confirm whether the product they would like to store can enter the bottle without shortage. This helps the manufacturer avoid filling bottles to the brim, which can cause spillage wasting the content.

    Customizable features

    The PETG surface finishing is perfect for branding. The surface holds adhesive materials so labels can be printed for the PETG bottle. Also, hot stamping and other types of branding can be done to highlight the product stored in the bottle when placed on shelves in the shop. Branding content on these bottles is conspicuous, so it is adequate for online stores too.
    The lead time for producing PETG bottles is short because up to thirty thousand bottles are produced daily. Production is done by extrusion blowing or injection. During production, the wall thickness is adjusted to meet the client’s needs, so it is best to specify if PETG with thicker walls is required for the project. Wholesale purchase is also available.

    Attractive PETG bottle colors

    PETG material is blended in different colors to produce attractive bottles. The surface is mostly clear, but it can be frosted according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Clear bottles can be tinted blue, red, or yellow according to the client’s needs. PETG is also eco-friendly and has high impact resistance.

    Different neck finishes are available

    According to the client’s specifications, the neck finish ranges from 18/410, 20/410, 20/400, 28/400, etc. The PETG bottle can be rounded, square or cylindrical, with a flat base that keeps it balanced on a surface. It is possible to get customized shapes as well. The bottles are lightweight and packaged in cartons for safe shipping.

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