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PET Bottle


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    The PET cosmetic bottles are compatible with neck finishes within a wide range, such as 24/410 to 40/410, according to the buyer’s requirements. The neck finish is held in place with the thread on the PET bottle.

    It is a continuous thread that is durable. The user will not need to exert excessive force to turn the neck closure into the right place. Different types of mouth closures can be used to seal the opening in PET bottles, making them an easy choice for manufacturers of cosmetic products.

    Compatibility with different closures

    Neck closures for PET bottles include snap caps, flip top caps, screw caps, flat disc caps, etc.
    PET cosmetic bottles will hold different types of personal care products because they have different volumes. The bottles can hold up to 100ml and as low as 15/30 ml. Larger PET bottles can hold up to 300ml. The choice now depends on the buyer’s requirements.

    PET bottles are produced in different shapes. The volume for each bottle is clearly indicated on the packaging to avoid mistakes during purchase. The larger PET bottles have enough space to hold the larger-sized PET foam pumps.

    Variety of shapes available

    The product catalog features a wide range of shapes for these bottles. The common options include rounded cylindrical PET bottles, oval shapes, and jars. The base is flat and broad to give the PET bottle adequate stability when placed on a flat surface. Overall, these PET bottles have a modern and trendy look.

    Customized PET cosmetic bottles

    The color for these products can be customized to meet the buyer’s requirements. The PET bottle is often produced as a clear bottle that is suitable for surface treatments and branding. The customizable features can be done by hot stamping or printing the brand’s logo on the bottle surface. Also, labels can be printed and pasted on the surface. It holds firmly because of the PET material used for producing the bottle.

    The packaging is lightweight. The PET cosmetic bottle weight can be as low as 0.07 lbs., which makes it suitable for cosmetics without incurring more costs for shipping. The lightweight complements the neck closures, which are also lightweight. The caps are sold separately from the PET bottles.

    FDA manufacturing standard

    The manufacturing standard meets the FDA requirement for producing PET bottles. This is good because the bottle can be shipped to different parts of the world without breaking manufacturing regulations. The lead time for producing and shipping PET bottles is usually between 20-30 days. It can also be purchased wholesale.

    Resistant to chemicals in cosmetics

    The height is customizable according to the client’s order. The PET material is compatible with different types of chemicals commonly used in manufacturing cosmetics. The material maintains its clear look even after cosmetics are stored in the bottle for a long time.

    The resistance to corrosion caused by chemicals is a significant benefit of using PET cosmetic bottles. It is also compatible with alcohol-based cosmetics. The PET material also allows users to apply minimal pressure on the surface to dispense the makeup through the orifice at the top of the PET bottle.

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