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50ML 100ML 120ML PET jar with screw cap for body scrub

Model: SWC-JT50AC,SWC-JT120AB,SWC-JT100AA Categories: ,

Discover a harmonious fusion of form and function with our PET jars, including 50ml PET jars, tailored explicitly for the sophisticated skincare range.

Whether it’s a rejuvenating body scrub or a gentle exfoliant, these 50ml PET jars, 100ml jars, and 200ml jars are poised to encapsulate your product with elegance.

Each jar, with its precise dimensions, has been thoughtfully designed to resonate with both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Plus, their screw caps ensure the content remains fresh and uncontaminated.

You can indulge in a world of customization that aligns seamlessly with your brand, from choosing a signature hue to showcasing your brand ethos via silk screen printing or labeling.

Further, you can elevate the aesthetic appeal with UV plating’s reflective sheen or the understated sophistication of matte paint. Overall, contact us today and add PET jars to your inventory.

Item name

50ML 100ML 120ML PET jar with screw cap

Item code


Product size




Customized options

1.color can be customized 2.silk screen printing 3.labelling 4.UV plating 5.Matte paint

Lead time

25-30 Days

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