Screw Cap

The cosmetic screw cap is one of the best-sealed covers on plastic containers. It is a good choice for airless bottles and rounded cosmetic jars which have different sizes. The cosmetic screw cap design is easy to use, and the user will not need to tighten the screw too much before it completely seals the jar or bottle.
The tamper-resistant seal is reliable, so there are no worries about accidentally losing the content if the jar falls hard on the floor or a strong surface. It is also pressure-sensitive. Depending on the buyer’s needs, it can be fitted with a secure foam which adds another layer to prevent spills or leaks when the cap is screwed on bottles or jars. The screw cap will hold securely.

Long-lasting screw cap for cosmetic bottles

The cosmetic screw cap is made from PP plastic. It is durable and resistant to heat or chemicals contained in the product stored in the bottle or jar. The screw cap can be purchased in different colors or a clear design. Whichever is the case, the user will not need to worry about the color fading away after contact with the cosmetic product stored in it.
Available in different sizes

The screw caps come in different sizes. There are cosmetic screw caps with closure diameter and neck finish of 38/410 and as large as 52/410. The neck finish depends on the bottle or jar size to be covered. The height falls between 5mm and 10mm. It may be higher in some cases when larger jars need to be covered. These specifications are flexible and can be customized for any buyer.

Portable and eco-friendly

The cosmetic screw caps are lightweight, which supports the demand for lighter packages and eco-friendly shipping. The weight is negligible when compared to the bottle/jar and its content. Shipping cost is lower for bulk orders because of the lightweight cosmetic screw caps.
The screw cap design is versatile; if needed, it can be fitted with a flip cap which opens after the screw is tightened over a cosmetic jar. This is ideal for cosmetics in powdered form.
The product ships out in different colors. And it has an ideal handling capacity. The surface around the plastic screw cap is diced to give the user a good grip when opening or closing the screw cap.

Reliable closure for cosmetic bottles

The inner part of the cosmetic screw cap features a well-formed thread that holds firmly when tightened. It is a good thing the material is PP plastic, which means the thread cannot break or wear over time. It holds firmly, closing the tamper seal, plug liner, or the inner foam.
The stopper helps to preserve the thread. Also, a stopper prevents the inner thread from turning more than necessary when the bottle or jar is closed. The flat top surface of cosmetic screw caps provides enough space for branding. The surface material can be branded with raised prints or printed labels to make the product conspicuous when placed on display in a physical shop.
The products are available for industrial production and have a lead time of about 20 to 30 days.


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