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Clear square shape 320ml,350ml,500ml PET jar with lid for bath salt

Model: SWC-JT320JF,AS-JT350C,AS-JT500C,SWC-JT500JF Categories: ,

Elevate bath salts presentation with the clear, square PET bath salt jars wholesale in varied sizes, crafted for luxury, and tailored for your brand.

Our bath salt jars wholesale are available in capacities of 320ml, 350ml, and 500ml. Their square profile is a nod to modern aesthetics and a practical choice for easy storage and display.

With dimensions ranging up to D94mm*D94mm, D94mm*D94mm, and L94.5mm*W94.5mm*H80mm, each also promises ample space to hold bath salts with grace.

You are able to choose a hue that resonates with your brand, complement the jars with detailed silk screen printing, and adorn it with bespoke labeling.

In addition, you can top them off with shimmering UV plating or the subdued elegance of matte paint. Hence, contact us today and order them.

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Customized options

1.color can be customized 2.silk screen printing 3.labelling 4.UV plating 5.Matte paint

Lead time

25-30 Days

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