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Deodorant & Roll-on Container


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    Injection blowing technique is used to produce these deodorant bottles. This production method lowers the lead time to a few days, usually 25-30 days, after placing an order for a deodorant bottle wholesale. The injection blower machine can produce at a high-output rate without increasing the production costs. The deodorant bottles are quite smaller because the personal care product is mostly expected to be portable.
    Different volume sizes are available
    The sizes vary, depending on the order request. Sizes that are categorized by weight of deodorant bottles range from 5g to 80g. For special products, the weight can reach up to 200g. Smaller bottle sizes with 15-17ml capacity can be refilled after the deodorant stick is completely finished.
    Deodorant bottles wholesale made from PP or AS plastic
    Deodorant bottles wholesale orders can either request PP plastic or the AS plastic. The main difference is the cost of production for bulk orders. PP plastic costs less when used to produce deodorant bottles.
    On the other hand, the bottles made from AS plastic are more expensive because the material is resistant to chemicals, making it much more durable. It is also stronger regarding exposure to harsh weather or temperatures. The deodorant bottle is BPA-free to match global standards for plastic bottles.
    The designs for deodorant bottles vary, depending on the purchase order. There are cylindrical bottles, square deodorant bottles, rounded or oblong-shaped bottles. Other designs feature smaller bottles with flat designs, which is good for deodorant stick products. There is a twist-up bottom for these bottles that comes fitted with a mechanism to push the deodorant stick upwards slightly so it can be used. The twist bottom is convenient for use. However, other options include the roller container.
    Attractive colors and design
    The deodorant bottles wholesale are usually colored to make the product look more attractive in the market. However, to stand out, buyers have ordered clear deodorant bottles, which leaves the content exposed. The closure and twist bottom for the stick is colored to match. The colors can be customized according to the buyer’s request. Customizable options include the use of paint effects and UV plating to get a classy finishing.
    Deodorant stick containers are designed with patterns that make it easy to grip the cover and open with a twist to reveal the stick inside.
    Leak Proof deodorant bottles
    The surface of these bottles can be branded with the buyer’s logo. The branding options include hot stamping, screen printing, and setting labels on the deodorant bottle. Finishing can also be done with a unique matte paint that makes the brand stand out.
    Samples of these bottles are available and can be presented to the buyer on request. There are no spills when these bottles are used because the content is solidified into a stick. The closure comes with an additional cap that acts as a barrier between the deodorant stick and the external cover cap.
    The empty deodorant bottles wholesale are packaged in cartons for shipping. The bottles are lightweight to lower costs and eliminate shipping delays. It can be purchased wholesale.

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