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Pet Jars Wholesale, 92.5mm Diameter Clear Cylinder, with White PP Cap, 50ml 150ml 200ml 500ml

Model: SWC-JT100CS/JT200CS/JT300BS/JT400AS/JT500AS/JT800AS/JT1000AS-1 Categories: ,

Experience the convenience of this pet jars wholesale, featuring a clear cylinder design with a 92.5mm diameter, accompanied by a white PP cap.

Our jars come in various sizes, including 50ml, 150ml, 200ml, and 500ml. Whether you require a compact size for travel or a larger capacity for bulk items, they are designed to meet your requirements.

Their customization with color matching, silk screening, UV spray frosting, hot stamping, and metalizing make them unique.

Rest assured of the quality and durability of these pet jars wholesale, as they are crafted to preserve the freshness and integrity of your contents.

Further, trusted by various industries, including cosmetics and personal care, they are built to last. Thus, contact us today and order them.

Item Code Capacity Material Dimension Neck size
SWC-JT100CS 100g PET D92.5mm*H41mm 89mm
SWC-JT200CS 200g PET D92.5mm*H52.5mm 89mm
SWC-JT300BS 300g PET D92.5mm*H69mm 89mm
SWC-JT400AS 400g PET D92.5mm*H84mm 89mm
SWC-JT500AS 500g PET D92.5mm*H100mm 89mm
SWC-JT800AS 800g PET D92.5mm*H145mm 89mm
SWC-JT1000AS 1000g PET D92.5mm*H177mm 89mm



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