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PP Jar


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    The PP Jar is perfect for manufacturers who produce cream for facial treatment, skin scrub treatment, moisturizers, and medicated balms, to mention a few. The list is endless, so the PP Jar can be found in different capacities in the market.
    The jar is used extensively because it is sturdy and can prevent moisture from getting in when the cap is correctly closed. The jar is also impact-resistant, and chemicals do not degrade its features. Products put in the PP Jar can stay for long periods, surviving transit during shipping or when it is on the shelf for sale.

    PP Jar specification options

    The preservation of its content is attributed to the wall design for PP Jars. The containers can be ordered as single wall or double-wall versions. The choice depends on the content stored in the jar, cost, and the buyer’s preference.
    The single wall PP Jar words excellently, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by just looking at it except, there is an indication on the packaging. The double-wall jar is more popular among buyers because it is tougher and has higher impact resistance. Also, buyers who intend to sell high-priced products choose the double-wall PP Jars because they are more presentable for luxury brands.

    PP Jars for branding

    The jars are made from PP plastic which is easily branded. The branding options recommended for the PP plastic container include hot stamping, silk printing, and labels printed and pasted on the jar. The height of the jars determines the size of branding content. Pictures can be printed or text, according to the buyer’s preference. PP Jars are manufactured in solid colors, which makes them easy to brand.
    The color range for the jars includes clear, blue, white, amber, green, black, and colors can be mixed to get a unique design for customized brands. The jars can be manufactured in different shapes. Common options seen in the product catalog include square, rounded, or straight-sided shapes. The content mostly determines these shapes because of the way the personal care products are applied. Facial creams are usually put in rounded-shaped PP Jars, while lotions or balms can be put in square-shaped jars.
    PP Jars have a lead time of about 35 to 45 days because it takes a while to create the mold. The product is made by using the injection blowing method, which requires a mold.

    Size options

    The jars have a wide capacity range. The standard orders request 50ml or 75ml jars. However, buyers can order products within the 5ml to 300ml range. Regardless of the size, the jars have an easy-open end which makes them user-friendly.

    Leakproof PP jars

    Regarding leak prevention, the jars are secured using a screw cap. The double-walled screw caps have been used for these containers, and it fits perfectly. The neck features a continuous thread, which holds the screw cap in place.
    The neck finish for PP Jars falls within these ranges; 43/400, 53/400, 70/400, 89/400, and 120/400 for the larger sizes. These are only a few neck finish and closure measurements; buyers can request the specifications they need.

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