Flip Top Cap

The plastic flip top caps are excellent for dispensing different types of products. The flip-top caps have been created with an orifice that allows a proportion of the content inside the bottle to pass through fluidly, without any restriction. The orifice, which measures 5.0 mm, is ideal for small or large bottles with different volumes. It works for liquids and other products which have a higher viscosity.
The orifice is the best size because it prevents residue after a user takes some of the bottled content out. The flip-top cap completely expels the content while pressure is gently applied on the bottle, leaving a clean orifice and no mess.

No spills

The cap is flipped to close the orifice after usage. The closed orifice is completely sealed, which is good because there are no spills from the bottle. The secure flip-top cap can allow users to carry their plastic bottled products around without worrying about the content spilling and ruining other items in the bag.
It is made from BPA-free plastic, which is safe for the environment. The manufacturing process has been done following approved standards to ensure end usage is satisfactory.

Variety of colors for branding purposes

The color range for these plastic flip top caps is vast enough to accommodate different buyer’s needs. The availability of different colors is best for those manufacturers who would like to have a color that matches their brand logo.
The flip-top caps are ideal for products in the health and beauty sector and personal care. The orifice size is suitable for lotions, sunscreens, and many other types of bottled content.
The plastic material is PP which is adequate for products stored in the packaging. The resistance property of the flip top caps prevents corrosion when it is in contact with the packaged product in the bottle.

It fits different neck closures

The neck closure diameter varies for the flip top cap. The range for neck closure diameter falls within 10- 24 while the neck finish can fall within 410 – 425. The choice depends on the buyer’s needs. The variance presents a good opportunity for buyers to find a flip top cap that matches the plastic bottles they have selected for their products.
The average neck finish is 20-410. These measurements are indicated by the flip top cap for easy recognition on the website. The brushed or plain finishing allows buyers to brand the caps to stand out in the market.
The height of the flip-top cap can be anywhere within 24 mm – 28 mm. However, there are larger flip top caps that can reach as high as 32mm. These are for bigger plastic bottles on order.

Durable and reliable

The flip top cap orders are available for industrial production, and shipping is done in carton packaging. The product is a good design, durable, and reusable for a long time. The flip mechanism is reliable.
It has been developed using tough plastic that cannot be destroyed by regular usage. From the specifications, the flip top cap will continue functioning properly even after the bottled content is finished, which creates an opportunity for reusing the bottle.


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