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Trigger Sprayer


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    Today, a diverse commercial and domestic liquid can be used affordably, thanks to all plastic trigger sprayers. They have the best features and can be used for multiple things.

    Multi Purpose

    All plastic trigger pump sprayers can be used for various liquid application purposes. It’s ideal for sanitizing products, cleaning agents, hair spray products and gel, staining removing agents, etc.
    It is also great for storing pain relief liquid. So, it is commonly used in the medical industry. Everyone needs several bottles in their homes and even business places. The diverse ways the all-plastic trigger sprayer can be used makes it a popular choice among many people.
    Whether in the hotel, beauty, food, or medical industry, the all plastic trigger sprayer pump is a must-have.

    Different Spray Output and Dosage

    It comes in different output sizes, such as 0.75ml, 1.3ml, and 1.6ml. This means you can find a good fit in terms of the output consistency suitable for other products.
    Similarly, the all plastic trigger pump sprayer offers a good dosage range depending on the application and purpose. The dosage can also affect the spread area, resulting in different dosages to suit your needs. We recommend a higher dosage if you desire to cover more surface area.
    The dosage options for all plastic trigger pump sprayers include:

    A Range of Neck Sizes

    It comes in various size screw caps to fit different bottlenecks. This is convenient and doesn’t restrict usage. The sizes include
    1. 28/400
    2. 28/410
    3. 20/410
    4. 24/410
    You can buy the trigger sprayer in all neck sizes.

    Functional Design

    Everything about the design of the plastic trigger sprayer speaks functionality. It comes in different styles, designs, and colors. You can pick a design, color, and style to suit your preference and usage. The color options and style makes it suitable for bulk buying for several target markets.

    Child Safety Features

    Child safety is essential when choosing a plastic trigger sprayer. The trigger sprayer comes with a complete twist lock at the end of the nozzle to ensure the safety of children. We are recommending using the following sprayer as well.
    Use a foaming option for chemicals that can be toxic to the lungs.
    Use a trigger sprayer with a snap-click screw cap that makes it difficult to remove.
    The all plastic trigger sprayer comes with an on/ off clip that sets it on a working and non-working mode.

    Easy to Use

    The all plastic trigger sprayer has a straightforward design that ensures effective pumping action delivers liquid in the bottle as a spray. A gentle pull using the fingers activates a small pump drawing the bottom of the reservoir inside the bottle.
    The pump pushes the liquid through a narrow barrel to a small hole at the spray valve. Every time the trigger is released, the process is repeated without any delivery problem.
    Finally, to enjoy your liquid products in an array of beautiful colors with high functionality, you should consider getting the all plastic trigger sprayer. It is ideal for wholesalers who need to increase their income. You can supply the sprayer to different industries, including salons and beauty spas, garden centers, automobiles, hospitals, schools, etc.

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