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8ML Cosmetic Packaging Eye Cream Jar Mini Sample Transparent Thick Wall PET Cream Jar

Model: SWC-JT8AA Categories: , , ,


The plastic jar is made of PET raw materials, non-toxic, non-BPA, and recyclable.
The screw cap makes this container good sealing performance, leak-proof, and safety and quality standards, Protect your favorite homemade beauty products from volatilize.
Perfect for sampling or storing eye-shadows, makeup, premium vials, lip balm, creams, and other cosmetics.

Item No: SWC-JT8AA
Item Name: 8ml PET Jar
Material: PET Jar, ABS lid
Size: D35.8*H25.8/H28.6(height with cap)
Capacity: 8ml
Colors: Custom Colors
Usage: Cosmetic Jar Packaging
Decoration:  Silkscreen Printing, Hot Stamping, Labeling
Customized Option:
  1. Color matching.
  2. Silk screening.
  3. UV Spray Frosting.
  4. Hot stamping.
  5. Mentalizing


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