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PCR Packaging

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PCR packaging generally refers to recycled plastics after use. It is the most competitive option in a wide range of eco-friendly plastics. Compared to other bio-based materials (such as BIO-PP, HDPE), the supply of PCR is more steady. In terms of price, PCR is more affordable than bio-degradable materials such as PLA, making it a rather easy choice for manufacturers of cosmetic products.

Technological process

The production of PCR material includes manual roughing, machine automatic sorting, cleaning, and a modified granulation process.

Manual roughing is about mainly the classification of used plastic in accordance with different colors, and different materials; Machine automatic sorting is the use of a machine to further classify the materials; Cleaning is the method of washing and rapid friction to remove the dirt, electric coating, spray layer, etc. on the surface of the material. Last, after the above process to get classified raw materials with the same color, we can make the modification of color granulation according to the customer’s requirements on product performance and color of raw materials.

Zero pollution in production

The wastewater generated in the whole production process is treated, purified, and recycled, and the exhaust gas discharged by the exhaust gas treatment equipment conforms to the national exhaust gas emission standard (GB16287-1996), which truly realizes zero pollution in production.

Compatibility with different closures

Neck closures for PCR packaging, like PET bottles, include snap caps, flip top caps, screw caps, flat disc caps, etc.

PCR packaging will hold different types of personal care products because they have different volumes. The packaging can hold up to 100ml and as low as 15/30 ml. A larger container can hold up to 500ml. The choice now depends on the buyer’s requirements.

PCR packaging is produced in different shapes. The volume for each bottle is clearly indicated on the packaging to avoid mistakes during purchase. The larger bottles have enough space to hold the larger-sized closures.

A variety of shapes are available

The product catalog features a wide range of shapes for these packaging. The common options include rounded cylindrical bottles, oval shapes, and jars. The base is flat and broad to give the packaging adequate stability when placed on a flat surface. Overall, this packaging has a modern and trendy look.

Degradable packaging

Degradable plastic refers to a kind of plastic product whose properties can meet the requirements of use, performance in the preservation period is unchanged, and after use in natural environmental conditions can degrade a pair of environmentally friendly substances.

Interest in degradable plastics has been increasing enormously as a result of the increasing volume of municipal solid waste, and because plastic products are among the most visible forms of trash. All of these increase pressure for degradable plastics(such as wheat straw and sugar cane ), a hoped-for quick ‘fix’ for complex problems.

Complete decomposition

Environmental protection and complete decomposition are the biggest characteristics of this material. Within one year, using photothermal oxidation and environmental microbiology effect, the product will be decomposed into the water, carbon dioxide, and soil organic matter, which have no harmful substances to the environment, no pollution to the environment, and are very beneficial to environmental protection. Degradable packaging is now considered an environmentally friendly material.

Different convenient sizes are available

Buyers can order different product sizes depending on the customers’ demands. The degradable packaging is available in 30ml, 50ml, 300ml, and up to 1,000ml. The larger sizes are most suitable for food products such as beverages. The packaging has accurate dimensions to meet specific needs.

Attractive colors for branding

Its products are made in different colors, promoting brands who want their products to be more visible on the shelves. The variety of colors matches brand logos. However, manufacturers can also choose clear packaging for products that should be visible to the buyer.

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