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The thermoplastic properties of a PETG jar make it possible to store content for many years. The content can be a wide range of products in the personal care category or dry powder foods. The PETG jar holds the right amount of pressure inside when it is properly locked. It is ideal for shipping content to far locations. The jars are packaged securely in cartons that are labeled according to the specifications.

PETG jar Durability checks

The PETG jars have been tested to confirm durability and resistance to chemicals. The chemical resistance tests were important because the stored content, such as cosmetics, contains different chemicals. The outcome of tests indicates that end users will not need to worry about corroded walls with a PETG jar.
The different wall categories include the single and double walled PETG jars. The single wall jars are best for lightweight products produced in large quantities. Buyers who need customized jars for their high-end products can order the double-walled jars, which have more aesthetic appeal.
The amber or blue PETG jars prevent UV rays from ruining the stored content. These colored jars are recommended to manufacturers whose products must not come in contact with UV light.

Customizable features

The different physical features of PETG jars include the straight sided jars, oval, rounded, or customized shapes, made according to the buyer’s specifications. The physical features determine the customizable options. Straight sided PETG jars are excellent for hot stamping, screen printing, or labeling with stickers. Other shapes can be customized to feature the buyer’s brand with any of the printing options.
A variety of colors are available. The jars can be blue, red, yellow, green, and so much more. Different color shades are also available to match the buyers’ brand logo or requirements.

Different holding capacities

The PETG jars hold different volumes of content. The volume specification is clearly indicated on the product page or on the packaging. The other volumes are available for mass production for buyers. The range of volume options includes 30ml to 1000ml.
The quality control standards for the manufacturing process are top standard. The PETG jars have an accurate measurement which allows brands to sell consistent volumes of their products to end users.

Wholesale shipping

The lead time for producing a PETG jar is reasonable. Orders are completed and shipped between 10 to 20 days. The carton packaging is secure to keep the jars protected and clean while in transit. The screw caps for these PETG jars are leak proof and secure. The secure thread on the neck also promotes the tamper-proof feature, which helps manufacturers establish the authenticity of their products.
The jars are lightweight, which reduces the stress of receiving and offloading wholesale orders.

Easy use

The PETG material used to produce these jars has easy handling requirements. The end users can clean the surface to remove stains, making the jars look presentable at all times. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth, whether it is the single or double-walled PETG jar.

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