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    There is an increasing demand for tube packaging and this is beyond just the cosmetic industry. Tube packages are stylish and allow for more flexible shelf packaging options for retail businesses.

    Cosmetic businesses seek credible and reliable packaging partners to make their products stand out from the crowd. We offer revolutionary tube packaging options to give your brand products the boost it needs to make your business bloom.

    Credible Alternatives

    They are also great alternatives to paper packages. Little wonder cosmetic tube packaging has gained more popularity in numerous industries including pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industries, skincare, medicine and arts.

    Unique Tube Packaging

    Since we recognize the current wave of tube packing preferences, we have taken initiative to create efficient tube solutions that marry functionality, uniqueness and aesthetics.

    Design and Packaging Types

    Aluminium Packages are made of aluminium and lined with a protective inner lacquer coating to prevent reactivity with your product. They are exceptional for packaging medicine, cosmetics, acrylic paints and adhesives. Aluminium squeeze tubes are made of numerous thin layers of 99.9% pure aluminium, which has the primary advantage of improving the preservation of their contents.

    Plastic Squeeze tubes are generally strong, light, leak-proof, and durable. They are commonly used in hand creams, shampoos, cleaning creams, face masks, tanning lotions, etc. They are also popular among food, pharmaceutical, home, and industrial businesses.

    Laminate tubes retain the flexibility of plastic tubes while also displaying the protective properties of aluminium tubes. They are used for acrylic paints, medicinal ointments, hair care products, and dental care products.

    Our tubes are made with a glossy matte finish to increase the physical appeal of your product and cause them to pop right at your customers.

    Raw Materials

    We produce tubes using various materials to align with popular demand while keeping the safety of the environment at heart. Our cosmetic tubes have been produced using PP, PE, PCR, sugar cane, aluminium and laminate, all of which are eco-friendly and renewable.

    The Shape of Cosmetic Tubes

    Make your selection from our collection of round, oval and flat-shaped tube packages. The good news is that we create custom shapes to align with your brand needs: round, square, oval, heart, oval, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid and so on.


    Express your company brand in panton colours and we’ll bring it to life. You can also choose from our sample options and we will have them delivered as well. Customizable size and colour combinations are available upon request.

    Decoration on Tube

    Decorative printing on cosmetic tube packaging can be done in various ways including 8-color offset printing, 6-color silkscreen printing, hot-stamping and labelling. This amplifies the beauty of skincare products.

    Customised Containers

    Considering the variety of products which tubes can be used for, we have made it easier to find the appropriate tube to package your product to meet a variety of customer demands and sales options. Custome design the length and style of your squeeze tubes as you desire.

    Customers can choose to customize the tubes and use them to package products like toothpaste, eye cream, shaving cream and even pharmaceutical products like analgesic creams.

    Tube Cap options

    This features different types of caps for cosmetic tube packaging including the screw cap, flip cap, and pump heads. These tubes are can be paired with tubes of various shapes, sizes, designs and colours to create an unbelievable plethora of packaging possibilities.

    To create more variety and uniqueness, we added attractive decorative tube caps to the list, right alongside tube size, colour and shape. There are broad-based, flat caps that can hold the tube upright as well as screw caps. Each tube cap is designed to be both functional and add aesthetic beauty to the whole product.

    There are assorted cap options for cosmetic tubes, including the twist-off cap, push cap, clamshell cap, snap-on cap, top lock cap and screw cap.

    Application Head style

    Our tubes have copious application designs that might not require an application brush. The package has convenient applicator tips which fit perfectly into any tube container.

    The tube packaging has openings that produce a sizable content when squeezed. The sizes of these openings depend on the purpose of the cosmetic tubes. A tube for eyeliner will have a smaller diameter when compared to that for shaving cream.

    We have a variety of tube application designs that include airless pump applicators, needle nooses, roller ball applicators, slant tip applicators and ball tip applicators.


    Our eco-friendly cosmetic tubes come in different styles and finish to offer a top-notch customer experience to businesses and users.

    Our products are used in lip gloss tubes, lube tubes, toothpaste tubes, lotion tubes, eye gel, or shaving cream tubes for personal care.

    We work tirelessly to create suitable tubes for brands to promote their products. Brands can fill these tubes with lip balm, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, brow filler, face cream, lotions, toothpaste and sunscreen.

    Sustainability. Eco-Friendly Tube Packaging

    Brands desire to represent a sustainable product. It is important that both the product and the packaging are eco-friendly. Hence, we use only naturally sourced and eco-friendly materials for our tubes. Our products can be reused, and recycled and are often biodegradable.

    Packaging and Delivery

    You can make orders for tube packaging of any quantity.

    Once your orders are ready, we optimize our delivery by using quality packaging techniques to minimize damage to goods during delivery. Your purchases are tactfully packaged with a paper tray and PE bag and then set into a carton for delivery.

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