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Hot sell 80ml,100ml,200ml,300ml, double wall PET jar with lid

Model: SWC-JT300AA,SWC-JT100PD,SWC-JT80DC,SWC-JT200DS-2 Categories: ,

Unveil an aura of pure elegance with these double-wall white plastic jars, meticulously crafted to present products in the most refined manner.

Ranging from the compact 80ml to a substantial 300ml, the white plastic jars have been sculpted to cater to varying brand needs.

Their double-wall architecture bestows them with an added layer of protection and infuses a premium feel. The snug-fitting lid also guarantees freshness, preserving the efficacy and integrity of your formulation.

Moreover, customization options include bespoke color adaptations and sharp silk screen printing to personalized labeling, glistening UV plating, and sophisticated matte finishes.

Consequently, contact us today and invest in our jars.

Item name

80ml,100ml,200ml,300ml double wall PET jar with lid

Item code


Product size




Customized options

1.color can be customized 2.silk screen printing 3.labelling 4.UV plating 5.Matte paint

Lead time

25-30 Days

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