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PS Jar


The clear, elegant looking jars can be used by manufacturers who want customers to see the product. The clear jars are made from polystyrene. They are ideal for packaging personal care products and other liquids. The PS jars can be completely sealed, which makes them a good choice for manufacturers who want to package products of varying viscosities.
PS jars meet the food grade standard for plastics. The ideal usage should cover dry foods mostly in powdered form. The confirmation that these jars are safe for foods increases the scope of use.

Alternative color shades

The PS jars are mostly clear, but other color shades exist. The amber and blue tinted PS jars help to keep UV light away from the stored content. These tinted PS jars are available for order on special requests.

Lightweight and portable PS jars

The PS jars are lightweight. Polystyrene, which is the main production material, is lightweight. It is easier to package and ship out many cartons of PS jars because of the easy handling. The portability also reflects in the cost-effectiveness of using these jars. Also, the process of disposal after use is more effective since the old jars occupy minimal space in the waste collection area.

Wholesale orders

PS jars are one of the wholesale product categories. The orders can be placed and received within a convenient lead time. The average lead time for bulk orders is 10 to 20 days, depending on the order requirements.

Branding PS jars

The straight side jars can be branded with impressive printed designs. The PS jars are ideal for branding methods such as hot stamping, or screen printing. The buyer can also print a batch of posters or labels that can be stuck on the jar. Labels stick to the straight sided jars and will not pull off while the jar is in transit from one location to another.
The wide neck requires a flat screw cap which can also be branded to make the product stand out in the market.

Tamper proof features

These jars have a reliable tamper proof feature. After final packaging, the content or jar cannot be altered. The tamper proof feature helps manufacturers to offer customers authentic products only.
The neck thread also holds the cap firmly, making it difficult for young children to open the jar.


PS jars are durable. These clear polystyrene jars can have single walls or double walls. The type of walls does not increase the weight, and both options are extremely durable. The jars have a high impact resistance and can withstand high temperatures.
There is a moisture barrier when it is covered with a cap. This keeps the content protected from moisture at all times. The overflow feature also ensures quality control and prevents spills.
These PS jars meet the required industry standards, with a wide range of capacities to meet the buyer’s needs. And the straight sided clear jars are easy to clean when stains or spills touch the jar’s external surface.

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