Disc Top Cap

Disc top closures are perfect for plastic bottles which contain liquid or paste. The flat disc top has an adequate diameter that accommodates the fingers or thumb, making it easy to flip the disc cap open. The material used to make these disc top closures is the durable ABS plastic, which lasts for a long time, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

The material classification for disc top caps is PP

The disc top closures come in a wide variety, manufactured to meet different commercial needs. Different colors can be made to match the client’s brand. The stylish designs compliment the bottles it covers. The space beneath the disc top cap can be branded to make it easy for people to view the client’s products when displayed on shelves.

Different designs and finishing

Different styles for this range of disc top closures include the classy brushed chrome and rose gold cap, which is finished with aluminum. The bamboo plastic cap is also excellent for organic products, plastic and shiny aluminum, and the clear pressure hand cap, which can also be customized.

Disc top caps are perfect for bottles of different volumes, from as low as 15ml to 100 ml, depending on the request.

Compatible with different neck diameters

The disc top caps are lightweight, which is excellent for producers who do not want to use heavy packaging for their products. The flat caps come in different sizes, such as 24/410, 28/415, 20/410, and 24/415, to mention a few. The different sizes create an opportunity for producers to find a good match for their products, even when they use different bottles for packaging.

The disc top caps are durable. The tough PP material is resistant to chemicals contained in the product dispensed through the orifice. The colors don’t fade when exposed to sunlight, in cases where the caps are used with sunscreen bottles.

Well designed orifice

The orifice in these disc top caps cannot be blocked while in use, except the bottle content contains large particles, which is unlikely. The orifice is adequate for dispensing a reasonable amount of the content onto your palm or any surface.


Tamper and leak proof

The snap feature perfectly pushes the disc top cap to a secure position, which can only be changed if you push the end with a finger. Also, the orifice snaps closed to prevent any content from spillage. This means it cannot be opened if the bottle is put inside a bag containing other items, providing additional security.

For bottles that have been designed with narrow necks, there are double-wall disc top caps that will match. The press cap is designed to fit the inner wall and dispense the content in reasonable quantities.

Different shapes for commercial brands

Disc top caps are made to match the bottles. They can be cylindrical, oval, or rounded, according to the buyer’s specifications. The options make it easy for buyers to find the best match for their selected bottles. And the sizes range from 28mm to as large as 32 mm. The material used in producing the disc top caps is recyclable, which is good for our environment. It can be purchased in bulk.


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