Airless Bottle

Professional Airless Bottle Manufacturer. Manufacture Wholesale and Custom airless bottles with multiple size, color, logo printed.
Airless bottles and containers are one of the most useful advances in packaging for all sorts of products.
Sealed bottles and containers have proven to be of immense value and benefit to manufacturers of products as diverse as skincare, medicines and foodstuffs.
The difference between an aerosol type container and an airless bottle is that the airless bottle doesn’t need an added propellant to evacuate the contents but rather, it works by creating a vacuum to expel the contents in a more precise and accurate stream.
And by not using any form of gas propellant there is a definite benefit to the environment.
There are generally two commonly used forms of airless container. One type relies on an internal flexible bag which works on the pressure of air to expel the contents.
The second type utilises a sort of plunger or piston a little like a medical syringe. The plunger creates an airtight seal in order to push the product up from the bottom and out through the dispenser. This kind of airless bottle is by far the easiest to use and one which has the added benefit of leaving no or very little waste behind and this is what consumers are looking for.
Our PP airless pump containers are available in classic white or natural or any other colors and we can advise on which type of actuator overcap to use with them.
Many of our PP airless pumps are also 100% plastic making them 100% recyclable. They have a plastic spring mechanism meaning that the product inside has a metal-free path.
For skin care serums, toners, cleansers and make-up such as foundations you need a bottle that not only enhances the appearance of your product but is designed to reflect the consumer’s preferences. Our bottles are manufactured to offer precise preservation of the product contained within and so extend the useful shelf life.


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