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Airless Bottle


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    The airless pump bottles are designed to keep products viable for a long time, in the process increasing shelf life. They are ideal for organic products such as creams, lotions, and personal care products that do not need too many preservatives. The airless bottles are made from PP or AS plastic, and there is no trace of metals in the design.
    It works with a non-pressurized vacuum feature that allows the content to be completely dispensed from the bottle.

    Eco-friendly airless pump bottles

    The bottle is not designed for a refill. However, the materials from which it has been produced are eco-friendly. After the content is finished, the bottle can be safely disposed of or recycled. It comes in different colors and designs. For luxury products, trendy designs can be added to make the bottle stand out from other products in the market.

    Small and large volumes available

    The volume depends on the client’s request. The airless bottle is available in small sizes that hold as little as 15ml, and buyers can order bigger sizes that hold up to 200ml. For products such as toothpaste or lotion, the larger bottle sizes such as 100ml are ideal. The dimensions are available for all bulk orders from the market.
    The airless pump bottle can be produced as a clear bottle, frosted or colored, to match the buyer’s brand. However, the common request for these products requires only a colored closure at the top, leaving the other parts of the bottle clear.
    This is an ideal design because the user can see the quantity of the content remaining in the bottle while it is in use. Some other designs feature a clear bottle and colored closure, while the cover for the closure is clear.
    Closure options for the air pump bottle include the mist spray, disc top cap, and other options that fit the lotion dispenser airless pump. The AS airless pump bottles have higher impact resistance and are durable. Producers of luxury items request more airless bottles made with AS plastic. The PP bottles are also in high demand because both products have different competitive prices.

    airless bottles

    Tamper-proof bottles

    Bottles that contain products for only adults are fitted by a child-resistant closure making the bottles tamper-proof. This protects young children from accidentally opening the bottle to come in contact with the product inside.
    The bottles also have a reasonable overflow capacity to manage waste while putting the content inside. Overflow capacity depends on the size of the bottle. Closure diameter and neck finish sizes range from 20/400, 24/410, 20/410, and so on, depending on the client’s request.

    Customizable airless pump bottles

    Airless bottles can be branded, which is an added benefit for customers. Whether it is the AS or PP bottle, the surface is designed to be compatible with spray printing or adhesive labels.
    Luxury versions of this bottle feature electroplated lotion pumps. This is a common feature seen on AS airless bottles, which are tougher and more resilient. The electroplating is done with aluminum. The following colors are available; silver, black, gold, red, chrome red, and many other custom colors.

    airless bottle

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