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High quality square shape 200g PET jar with lid for bath salt

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Immerse in the world of elegance with these high-quality square bath salt containers wholesale, meticulously crafted to store and showcase bath salts.

With a capacity to hold up to 200g, every jar encapsulates both luxury and utility. It measures D87mm*49mm.

And its square shape boasts a contemporary design, seamlessly paired with a sturdy screw cap to ensure the salt’s integrity and freshness.

While the jar naturally stands out, we take personalization to a new height. You will dive into a spectrum of color choices or capture the essence of your brand with intricate silk screen printing and labeling.

Furthermore, you can elevate its appearance with UV plating’s luminosity or opt for the subtle sophistication of matte paint.

Thus, contact us today and invest in the bath salt containers wholesale.

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Customized options

1.color can be customized 2.silk screen printing 3.labelling 4.UV plating 5.Matte paint

Lead time

25-30 Days

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