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Lotion Pump


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    Give your lotion a facelift and use our stunning lotion pump to cap off your high-quality product into a marketable appeal. Select from a stock array of colors, locks, designs, and material options to diversify your brand presentation and market reach. You can pair our lotion pumps with your preferred container size and type for lotions, liquid soaps, shampoo, and hand sanitizers.

    We are an excellent plastic container and cap manufacturer committed to helping companies with staggering new alternatives for their plastic packaging. You can be certain of lightweight, qualitative lotion pumps designed to meet your brand and marketing needs.

    How the lotion pump works

    To understand how lotion pumps work, it is vital to identify the different parts of the lotion pump. The lotion pump consists of an engine made up of a spring, ball, piston, and stem which form the internal components of the lotion pump.

    When the user presses down the lotion pump’s projected head (actuator), it forces the piston downwards. This alters the mechanics of the pump to act as a one-way valve that forces the liquid content to move upwards and out through the actuator.

    Once released, the now compressed spring relaxes, pushing the piston up and pulling liquid back into the housing. The amount of liquid that pools out of the lotion pump will depend on several factors, including the pump output size and tube circumference.

    Material of lotion pump

    The bulk of our pump parts is made from PP plastic including the actuator, retainer, closure, dip tube, housing, and stem. PP plastic is notably eco-friendly, chemically unreactive, heat resistant, and antistatic. There is no likelihood of the PP plastic interfering with the material composition of your brand.

    The spring is made from stainless steel whereas the outer gasket is made from LDPE. These materials have good chemical resistance, are resilient, and are durable.

    Pump lotion lock pump

    Lotion pumps are designed to dispense liquids at different rates for beauty products, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and cleansers. To ensure the safety of the quality products within as well as avoid spillage, lotion pumps have designated locking systems such as screw pump lock, switch pump lock, and the clip lock mechanism.

    Screw down lock pump

    screw down the lock pump, to close this pump after dispensing the content within the containers, you will need to rotate it like a screw. To do this, apply pressure on the head, then turn the actuator in a counterclockwise direction.

    Note that the content within will seep out when you apply this pressure and when you screw it around until it locks.

    This type of lock is popular for body cream, liquid soap, shampoo, and other hygiene products.

    Right-left lock pump

    This locking mechanism is easy and ideal for household cleaning products. This right-left lotion pump usually has a direction arrow to show how to open it. After use, you simply turn it to the other side and it locks in.

    Clip lock

    This type of lock is very stylish and child-proof. The clip lock lotion pump comes with a plastic clip situated at the neck of the lotion pump, which doubles as tamper-proof.

    After use, simply put the clip back in position. This way, it won’t spill when you travel and you can be certain of your child’s safety.

    Uses of lotion pumps

    Lotion pump is useful across different industries and products. It is ideal for dispersing liquid and viscous fluids. The extent of its application can be seen in baby care products, body and hair care products, cosmetics, liquid soaps, disinfectants, and personal hygiene.

    Customization Options

    As lotion pump manufacturers, we aim to help your company and brands to stand out in the market and wield a competitive advantage. While brands work on qualitative products, we aim to help them attract more potential customers through the uniqueness and functionality of our pump.

    This is why we offer a variety of customization options for our lotion pumps.

    Sizes, Shapes, and Colours

    You can order our custom pumps or send in your specifications for the shape and type of pump you want.

    You can request customization for other pump parts such as the dip tubes. These will vary in diameter based on your unique need and can be cut length-wise to fit any bottle size.

    Pick a Pantone color and we will ship your branded lotion pump to your location.

    Closure size and pump output

    The closure size is designed to fit into the neck of the product bottle. Popular sizes include 20/410, 20/415, 24/410, and 24/415. These will fit into any typical bottleneck size. The closures are available in ribbed and smooth finishes.

    Closures help facilitate the movement of liquids and dispense different outputs of products from lotion pumps. Since this is the case, larger closure sizes like the 33-410 closure are ideal for higher output dispensers popularly found among bath and haircare products.

    Our pumps are available in different outputs including 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.24ml, 1.4ml, and 2.0ml.

    Pump Decoration

    The pump can also be decorated and made with an aluminum or metal over shell. This bamboo over shell makes your brand shelf more enticing for a more stylish and exotic look.

    Quality Assurance And Safety

    With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we work tirelessly to produce lotion pumps that stand out in quality and style. From how we source our materials to the final distribution, we engage safety protocols that rule out the risk of contamination or reaction with the products put in it.

    Our lotion pump production is backed up by an MSDS Report certificate and we work under the strict supervision of cosmetic experts.

    Safety and Distribution

    Our lotion pumps are produced in China and distributed across the US. We have a MOQ of 10000 pieces for every plastic lotion pump distributed and an average lead time of 10 days.

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