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Food grade PE material soft PE cosmetic tube with nozzle head

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Somewang stands out as a leader among cosmetic tube manufacturers, introducing this soft cosmetic tube tailored to perfection using food-grade PE material.

The tube boasts diameters ranging from 16mm to 50mm and is crafted from LDPE plastic. It offers a volume versatility from 5ml to 250ml, suitable for diverse cosmetic requirements.

Branding becomes a seamless integration, thanks to many logo options. Every logo tells a unique story, from classic offset printing, delicate silk screen printing, and luxurious hot stamping to the contemporary full label.

Our tube wouldn’t be complete without the perfect closure. You are able to choose between varied cap styles, be it the pragmatic screwing cap, the user-friendly flip-top cap, the opulent shiny coating cap, the stylish lipstick type, or the intuitive eye roll-on.

Additionally, we offer it at a price 15% below the industry average. This price advantage does not compromise quality, as all our plastic materials come with a standard RoHS and CE certificate, making them ideal for the EU market.

Overall, contact us today and trust us as one of your cosmetic tube manufacturers.


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