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150ml 180ml 250ml Five Layers Tube PBL Skincare Cosmetic Packaging Face Cleanser Container Empty Tube

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Discover the range of five layers of PBL tubes, specially designed for skincare and cosmetic packaging, available in 150ml, 180ml, and 250ml sizes.

Our tubes, available in capacities of 150ml, 180ml, and 250ml, are the perfect vessels for your face cleanser products, elevating your experience through practicality and elegance.

Fabricated from PBL, they promise enhanced protection for your products, ensuring freshness and integrity. Besides, the five-layer design adds a robust shield against external factors, offering additional safeguarding.

These PBL tubes’ aesthetics can be tailor-made to match your brand identity. With options for offset printing, hot stamping, labeling, and silk screening, you can create a design that captures the essence of your brand.

And the color and logo are also customizable, allowing you to create a packaging solution that stands out.

Hence, contact us today and choose them for a packaging solution that guarantees quality, versatility, and style.



Surface Handling

Offset Printing+Hot Stamping + Labeling+Silkscreen Printing


Cosmetic Personal Care Packaging




150ml, 180ML, 250ML


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