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100ml 200ml Plastic Jars for Hair Gel, Mask, Skin Care With Screw Cap

Model: SWC-JPS100MJ, SWC-JPS200AD Categories: , , ,

Discover these 100ml and 200ml plastic jars for hair gel, mask, skincare with screw cap, a premium packaging solution that combines functionality with an elegant design.

Our SWC-JPS100MJ and SWC-JPS200AD jars, with a generous capacity of 100ml and 200ml and a convenient size of D78.45*H39mm and D106*H49mm, are a versatile choice for various personal care products, including hair gel, facial masks, and skincare items.

The Jar is crafted entirely from durable Polystyrene (PS), the plastic jars ensure product safety while offering an aesthetically pleasing look.

A sturdy screw cap ensures a secure seal, protecting the product while providing a user-friendly experience for consumers.

We also offer customization options to enhance your brand identity. You can choose from color matching to align with your brand palette, silk screening for a luxurious touch, UV spray frosting for a unique texture, hot stamping for a polished finish, or metalizing for a high-end, sophisticated appearance.

Thus, as a wholesaler, you’ll appreciate the versatility and quality of this unique packaging solution, designed to elevate the presentation of your product while ensuring optimal functionality.


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