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60ml/100ml/150ml/200ml/250ml PP Airless Bottle

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Elevate your product presentation with secure and stylish PP airless bottles, available in diverse sizes ranging from 60ml to 250ml.

Composed of robust PP material, our bottles pledge a solid shield for your contents, ensuring they stay pristine and secure.

Packaged meticulously in a plastic bag before being nestled into an export carton, they arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition, ready to showcase your product.

And with an airless design, they offer optimal protection, guarding your products against harmful external factors.

What’s more, you can make these PP airless bottles truly your own with our extensive customization options. You can choose color matching, silk screening, UV spray frosting, hot stamping, or metalizing to infuse your brand’s essence into each bottle.

Therefore, trust them for a unique function, style, and security combination. Contact us today!


Item No. Product Size
SWC-JP60RM D66*H106mm
SWC-JP100RM D66*H122mm
SWC-JP150RM D66*H140mm
SWC-JP200RM D66*H158mm
SWC-JP250RM D66*H176mm



Bottle material



Plastic Bag and Then in Export Carton

Customized Option

1.Color matching.

2.Silk screening.

3.UV Spray Frosting.

4.Hot stamping.



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