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1.1 inch Plastic Mini Trigger Sprayer Head for Cosmetic Packaging

Model: SWC-MTSW241BA Categories: , ,

Unlock next-level packaging solutions with Soemwang’s 1.1-inch plastic cosmetic packaging sprayers in mesmerizing white and orange.

Presented in a captivating palette of white and orange, this sprayer head adds a touch of allure to your product line.

Expertly designed to integrate seamlessly into various cosmetic containers, it exhibits a reliable performance. And sourced from durable plastic, it ensures enduring quality, making every spritz an experience to savor.

Orders will be expedited with a lead time of 35 days via the FOB port of Ningbo. Moreover, we’ve set the minimum order quantity at 10,000 pieces.

Thus, contact us today and order the cosmetic packaging sprayers.


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