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High Quality Custom Empty 15ml/75ml PETG Face Cleaning Bottle

Model: AS-BG20L15A/SWC-BG24L75HD Categories: ,

High Quality Custom Empty 15ml/75ml PETG Face Cleaning Bottle

PETG is significantly lighter than other packaging materials such as glass and metal. This lightweight feature reduces shipping costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with shipping. It also makes PETG packaging easier to handle and stack, increasing efficiency during storage and distribution.

Item Name:
Capacity: 15ml/75ml
Material: PETG
Lead Time:
Color: Pantone Color
MOQ: 10000pcs
OEM/ODM service: New mold are welcome with samples
Decoration: Can be clear, frosted, logo printing, silk screen and so on.
Payment terms: L/C; T/T; Western Union.
Free samples are available

PETG material has a series of advantages as a packaging material, including transparency, impact resistance, chemical resistance, light weight, recyclability, good barrier properties, easy molding, and FDA approval. These qualities make PETG ideal for a variety of packaging applications across industries.


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