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Clear AS (BPA Free) Push Up Tube Bottles

Model: SWC-SAS30A&SWC-SAS050E&SWC-SAS65A&SWC-SAS75A Categories: ,

Revamp your product packaging with Somewang’s clear AS wholesale BPA free bottles, available in various dimensions and customizations.

Available in varying dimensions, our SWC-SAS30A, SWC-SAS050E, and SWC-SAS75A bottles accommodate diverse product lines with diameters ranging from 36mm to 48.5mm and heights from 77mm to 102mm.

The BPA-free constitution adds an essential layer of safety, instilling consumer confidence in your brand.

Plus, customization options extend from color choices to silk screen printing and UV plating, providing a bespoke experience tailored to your unique brand aesthetics.

In summary, contact us today and invest in these wholesale BPA free bottles.

Customized options:

1.Color customized.
2.Silk screen printingh
3.UV Plating.


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