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Aluminum bottles are novel in appearance, portable, lightweight, non-fragile, suitable for long-distance transportation, can be opened repeatedly (threaded port + Ropp bottle cap), good in quality, and recyclable. Since it was applied to beer and beverage industries 20 years ago, this innovative high-end packaging position has never fallen, and different aluminum bottle forming technologies have gradually spread from the country of origin to all over the world.

Production Process: Take DWI light-weight automatic assembly line as an example: raw materials (aluminum coil) → aluminum coil punching cup → drawing of semi-finished products → cleaning and drying of semi-finished products → printing and coloring of semi-finished products → internal coating and drying of semi-finished products → necking of semi-finished products → detection of finished products → large package of finished products.

Somewang focuses on aluminum bottles, tubes, cans, and closures of different sizes.


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