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Survey: Top 200 Women Pioneers in America

We recently conducted a survey of 3,000 Americans to uncover the top 200 most influential female pioneers who changed the world. The list is below:

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Key Findings:

  • Widespread Recognition: The poll highlights a broad recognition of women’s contributions across various fields such as civil rights, science, education, and social reform.
  • Diverse Heroines: The top 10 list includes a diverse group of women, from Susan B. Anthony, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement, to Gertrude Elion, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.
  • Geographical Representation: The heroines come from different states, indicating that the impact of these women is felt nationwide, not just in their places of birth or where they made their mark.
  • Historical and Modern Impact: The list spans centuries, from Abigail Adams in the 18th century to Rosa Parks in the 20th century, showing the long history and ongoing impact of women’s contributions.
  • Recognition of Sacrifice: Clara Maass’s inclusion underscores the recognition of personal sacrifice for the greater good, highlighting the ethical dimensions of medical research and public health.

Implications of the Study:

  • Societal Recognition: The widespread recognition of these women’s achievements reflects a societal shift towards acknowledging and valuing the role of women in shaping history and progress.
  • Motivation for Continued Progress: The celebration of these women’s achievements serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for gender equality and the importance of continuing to break barriers in all fields of endeavor.
  • Inspiration for Future Generations: The stories of these women, who overcame significant obstacles to make lasting contributions, can inspire individuals of all genders to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.
  • Cultural Shift: Our survey findings contribute to a cultural shift towards a more inclusive recognition of achievements, moving beyond traditional narratives that have historically marginalized the contributions of women.


Online panel survey of 3,000 adults based on age, gender, and geography. Internal data sources are used to obtain population data sets. We used a two-step process to ensure representativeness through stratified sampling and post-stratification weighting. 

Respondents are carefully chosen from a geographically representative online panel of double opt-in members. This selection is further tailored to meet the precise criteria required for each unique survey. Throughout the survey, we design questions to carefully screen and authenticate respondents, guaranteeing the alignment of the survey with the ideal participants. 

To ensure the integrity of our data collection, we employ an array of data quality methods. Alongside conventional measures like digital fingerprinting, bot checks, geo-verification, and speeding detection, etc. each response undergoes a thorough review by a dedicated team member to ensure quality and contextual accuracy. Our commitment extends to open-ended responses, subjecting them to scrutiny for gibberish answers and plagiarism detection.

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