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Why Choose Sustainable Packaging?

Over the last 70 years, plastic – an incredibly malleable, versatile, and durable material, infiltrated the market and permeated seemingly every nook and cranny on Earth. Plastics can provide important benefits – from life-saving medical devices to safe food storage. However, unnecessary and avoidable plastics, particularly single-use packaging and disposable items, are polluting our planet at an alarming rate. Decades of economic growth and an increasing dependency on throw-away plastic products have led to a torrent of unmanaged waste that pours into lakes, rivers, coastal environments, and finally out to sea, triggering a ripple of problems.


The problem has burgeoned into a global crisis requiring both immediate and sustained attention and action.


Generally, Environment, Society, and Governance are collectively referred to as ESG strategies. Because consumers and investors are becoming more and more ecologically aware, they are listed as a key part of the development of many companies.


By improving the company’s resource efficiency, they can increase their scores and possibly gain more business value that includes improved brand reputation, customer and employee loyalty, and access to capital.
ESG investment is becoming more and more popular. In the United States alone, about a quarter of the assets under management are ESG-rated investments which account for a total of about $12 trillion.
By 2030, the circular economy is expected to create USD 4.5 trillion.
Companies that improve ESG performance are more likely to attract and retain talents for sure.
Based on global change factors, the increasing need for environmental protection actions, the rapidly growing e-commerce business’s demand for sustainable packaging, the company’s need to achieve a win-win situation for economic profits and sustainable development goals, it can be said with certainty that in the near future developing greener, recyclable, and sustainable packaging materials will be the major trend in the development of the packaging industry.
In the field of cosmetics and skincare products, many brands have invested a lot of money and manpower to research sustainable packaging. The concept of replacement equipment was born.
In makeup, replaceable cushions, pressed powders, blush packaging, etc. appeared.


In skincare products, replaceable lotions and creams have recently appeared. Especially the replaceable face cream, which is beyond people’s imagination.


With Somewang engineer team’s continuous efforts, replaceable jars are finally available. The lid and outer tank are reusable. After the cream inside is used up, only the inner tank needs to be replaced. This idea not only greatly saves the cost of packaging, but also implements the sustainable development of packaging.
(Click the picture below to see how to use it.)


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