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Acrylic Cosmetic Jars: 50ml 100ml luxury refillable double wall plastic acrylic cosmetic face cream jar for skin care

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Luxury jars for top-tier cosmetics

The double-wall plastic acrylic cosmetic jars are made with paper tube packaging and of a unique design. They are sure to appeal to business brands that represent excellence and style courtesy of the high standards of materials they are made from.

The SWC-JBG50RE is made of exceptional acrylic and eco-friendly plastics to provide a reliable and unreactive container for organic and inorganic cosmetic materials. The wide tops make to fill or refill the containers and the sturdy base ensures the stability of jars. These containers are ideal for cosmetics, creams and personal care products.

Safe and sustainable high-quality acrylic cosmetic jars.

The outer wall of the acrylic jars is produced using eco-friendly acrylic, which is reusable and can be recycled. The inner wall and lid are made of polypropylene, which is safe and heat and chemical-resistant. Since this will be in direct contact with your product, it is refreshing to know that they will not react with the product materials.

The outer lid of the acrylic jar is made of BPA-free ABS plastic, so you can be sure of safety from the poisonous health effects that accompany some plastic materials. These acrylic jars are sealed with a PE gasket to keep the integrity of the walls of the jar.

Reusable Acrylic Jars

The acrylic jars are reusable. Simply wash the emptied acrylic jars with clean water and mild soap. Then refill. The acrylic jar is great for personal care and beauty cosmetics.

Reliably durable

Designed with both double walls and sturdy, high-quality PP, PE and acrylic plastics, the acrylic jars boast long-term durability. The glossy, glass-like acrylic covering aids with beautification and also reduces the chances of visible dents and scratches.

Airtight inner and out caps protect the content from a leak while the gasket secures the longevity of the double wall acrylic jar.

Uses and applications

The acrylic jars are excellent for use and will hold a variety of content without the risk of chemical reactivity over time.

They are ideal for different cosmetic products including eye creams, eye shadow, lip gloss, lip balms, essential oils, mud masks, ointment, spices, salves, blushers and even DIYs.

You can use them for taking smaller quantities of products on trips and they are suitable for both personal and professional use.

Easy storage acrylic jar

The acrylic jars are highly resistant to very low temperatures and to wear and tear. They also attract less dust and other elements that could affect the products stored in them. They prevent a greater amount of light from passing into the jars which helps protect the contents of the jars.

They can be stored with ease both empty and with products. These containers can easily be wiped using warm water without damage to the jars and increasing reusability.


The acrylic jars on display are available in 50ml and 100ml holding containers. This gives you a lightweight, portable option for your product needs. You can order acrylic jars of other sizes for your different brand presentations.

Customizing options

With impressive jars such as these, you also get the added advantage of brand customization. We offer an array of great customization options including silk screening, UV spray frosting, hot stamping and mentalizing.

You can choose a Pantone colour preference or go with the custom clear or white acrylic jar.

Product information

  • Item name: SWC-JBE50RE
  • Capacity of 50ml or 100ml
  • Size: 65.5mm in diameter and 57mm in height.
  • Material: outer bottle made of acrylic, outer cap made of ABS, inner cap made of PP, inner bottle made of PP, gasket made of PE, paper tube packaging.
  • Customized Option:
    1. Colour matching.
    2. Silk screening.
    3. UV Spray Frosting.
    4. Hot stamping.
    5. Mentalizing




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