How to Clean a Perfume Spray Bottle

Some people grow attached to their perfume bottle long after the content is finished. This may be due to the bottle’s unique features or sentimental value. If you choose not to throw away old perfume bottles, you must learn how to clean a perfume spray bottle.
When you clean your perfume bottles, you can display them nicely or even refill them. If your perfume bottle is vintage, it can give your dresser a distinct and alluring look, especially if they are colored or have embellishments.
Perfume bottles are usually small in size and maybe a bit challenging to clean. However, we have a step-by-step guide on how to clean a perfume spray bottle.
One thing you should not attempt is to place your perfume spray bottle in a dishwasher. It may crack or cause breakage. More so, you may not be able to remove all the perfume’s fragrance from the interior of the bottle. Soaking the bottle may also not remove the residue inside. Here’s how to effectively clean your perfume spray bottle.

Step 1

Drain out the excess perfume from your travel bottle. You might have a few drops of perfume left in your spray. So the first thing you need to do is spray any excess left in your perfume bottle out. You could spray this into the air to give your space a sweet smell or rinse it down the drain.
The time you will spend emptying your perfume bottle spray will depend on the quantity of the content remaining in the bottle. However, ensure you drain out everything to make it easier to clean.

Step 2

Now you have emptied the bottle, fill it up with white vinegar and warm water in equal quantity. Gently shake your perfume spray bottle to mix the liquids. For a cleaner perfume spray bottle, leave the water and vinegar mix inside the bottle for an hour before pouring it out.

Step 3

Fill your bottle up at least 50% with warm water. Add a teaspoon of dish soap and a teaspoon of uncooked rice inside the perfume bottle. It’s crucial to use a mild liquid soap to avoid causing damage to your bottle. The dish soap and uncooked rice can remove oil from the perfume bottle.

Step 4

Shake the perfume bottle gently but evenly for a few seconds so the rice and soap circulate around the entire bottle.

Step 5

Scrub your perfume spray bottle with a small brush. This will allow you to reach the nooks and crannies of your bottle. For the best results, allow the ingredients to stay in the bottle for about an hour.

Step 6

how to clean perfume spray bottle

Allow the bottle air dry. Ensure it dries completely before you replace the lid or cap to the bottle. Empty the bottle afterward and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
If you need to learn how to clean your perfume bottle spray so you can refill it, keep reading to learn the easiest way to fill your bottle.
Knowing how to open and refill a perfume bottle is a great skill every perfume lover must learn. You can put a new fragrance into your favorite bottle successfully without losing any of its content.
You will need a few tools to get this done without hitches. The tools can easily be bought at your local store, or you may even find some at home. Here’s a list of what you will need to complete a refill process
●Main perfume bottle
●Empty bottle
●Funnel or syringe
Step 1- Remove the cap and sprayer of your perfume bottle spray
Before cleaning or refilling your perfume bottle, you need to open it up by removing the cap. The plier comes in handy here. Remove the sprayer or nozzle by gently wiggling the pliers in a back and forth or up and down motion. Do this until the sprayer is completely visible.
Step 2 – Take off the base of the sprayer
Once you have taken off the cap and sprayer, you need to tackle the most challenging part of the process. Before removing the base of your perfume bottle spray, check to see if it’s a metal or plastic sealed base.
It’s a bit tougher to remove the base of a metal sealed base. Again, your pliers can do the work. Take caution, so you don’t break the glass underneath the base. A pair of scissors or pliers can help you remove the plastic base. Gently wiggle the edges of the base until it comes right off.
Step 3 Remove pieces of fine glass
Fine pieces of glass or plastic may come off the neck of your perfume spray bottle even when you are careful. Do not despair. You can clean the neck with a piece of tissue. This will prevent the broken pieces from getting into the bottle.
Step 4- Use a syringe or funnel to transfer perfume
Now that your perfume bottle is open, you can transfer the liquid to your desired bottle or refill the empty bottle with a new fragrance. A syringe or funnel is the best tool to use to prevent wastage. It is also less mess to clean up afterward.
Step 5- Reseal the bottle
You can reseal the bottle properly if there is no breakage. First, replace the base to the neck of the bottle. Next, you should place the sprayer and cap.
Whether you desire to travel light or like to mix fragrances, these skills are a must-have. Learning how to clean a perfume spray bottle simplifies the task of refilling and reusing your bottles. Don’t be hesitant to dismantle the bottle to clean or fill.
Once you understand the perfume spray bottle anatomy and use this guide, you will have no challenges. You can also invest in a perfume atomizer to store and make short trips with your favorite fragrance.
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