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How to Open a Perfume Spray Bottle

Today, many cosmetic companies manufacture perfumes in beautiful and stylish bottles. Even after the fragrance is long finished, some people may decide to reuse the bottles. So it brings us to the question, do you know how to open a perfume spray bottle?
If you wish to transfer a brand new perfume into a decanter bottle, you need to know how to open a perfume spray bottle. We can help you achieve that.
Generally, perfume bottles are built with different designs and sealing systems. So, if you understand the design, opening it becomes an easy task. In this post, we will share the best ways on how to open a perfume spray bottle.

How to open a perfume spray bottle

In the first instance, opening a perfume spray bottle may seem like a challenging task. It’s a straightforward process. First, you will need to determine the sealing material.

Opening metal sealed perfume bottles

To open your perfume spray bottle, you will need a few tools. They include pliers, nippers, and some tissue.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to take the cap off and remove the sprayer. You can see the nozzle or sprayer exposed and use the pliers to remove that. Remember to pull carefully to avoid breaking the perfume bottle.
The pliers are excellent for pulling back and forth as gently as possible until you can see the base of the nozzle.

Step 2

This step is the most complicated in the process. It involves removing the base of the nozzle with a plier. This is because the neck of the bottle is sealed with extreme temperatures. It might take a few minutes before you completely remove the base from the bottle.

Step 3

You might find some clear glass around the neck of the perfume bottle. If you aren’t careful enough, some may even make their way into the bottle. Using a tissue, clean the neck of the bottle to rid it of any broken glass.

How to open plastic sealed perfume spray bottles

This process is less complex. However, you will still need pliers, scissors, tissue, and a nipper.
Step 1
Again you need to open the cap and remove the sprayer. Most bottles have a sprayer. Once the cap is off, you can remove the nozzle. The nozzle may be easier to come off using scissors. Once you get to the base of the sprayer, it’s fine to remove it as well.
Step 2
Remove the base of the sprayer. Since it has a plastic base, you can remove it with scissors or a nipper if the scissor fails. Gently slid the scissors or nipper underneath to loosen up the base from the bottle.
Step 3
Clean the neck of the bottle using a tissue to remove plastic residue. Small pieces of plastic parts can get into the glass bottle.

How to open a vintage perfume bottle

Don’t use hot or cold water when opening a vintage perfume bottle. Extreme temperatures can damage the perfume glass completely. Before you begin, take a small piece of cotton wool and place it around the stopper above the neck.
Allow the cotton wool to sit for a few minutes to enable the alcohol to dissolve any hardened residue. Afterward, you can try to twist the stopper.
You should be able to open the perfume bottle with ease. Anyone who desires to open a perfume spray bottle should also know how to refill a perfume bottle.
Once your perfume bottle is open without any damage, you can go ahead to refill the bottle with what you want. It’s a simple and straightforward process once you open the bottle. However, if the bottle is not carefully opened, you may be unable to reuse it. This is why you must ensure you follow the right method to open your perfume bottle.
Sealing your bottle, on the other hand, maybe a bit tricky. For a bottle with a metal seal, you can try reapplying the metal seal first. If you can reapply the metal or plastic seal, you can simply add the sprayer.
Perfumes do not come with expiration dates and can provide long-term use. However, if not properly kept, your perfume can lose its substance. You can prolong the lifespan of your perfumes when you store them properly.

Keep away from direct light

Sunlight can damage your perfume. Find a dark spot away from the sun, preferably on your drawer. Perfumes in colored bottles are less susceptible to sunlight damage.

Find a place with consistent temperatures

how to open perfume spray bottle

Extreme temperatures are bad for your perfumes. Find a spot in your home with constant temperature and keep your fragrances there.
The closet is an excellent place to store perfumes. It is away from light and has a constant temperature. The bathroom and kitchen are not good places for your perfume due to the excess warmth.

Keep your perfume in its original bottle

It’s a great idea to keep the perfume in its original storage container. Transferring your perfume to another bottle will expose it to air and cause it to lose its potency. The boxes will protect the perfume front things like heat and sunlight.

Invest in travel containers

Travel containers are great and come in handy for short trips, especially when you want to fly. Ensure you keep the cap on the bottle. Your perfume will stay stronger from less exposure to air.
Many people shake their perfume bottles vigorously before usage. Shaking can exposure your perfume to excess air, which can be harmful.
Keep your perfume off high shelves. If a box falls from high up the shelf, a fragile bottle can easily break. It can be a painful experience to have your favorite bottle of perfume break.
If you have read the entire post, you shouldn’t have any problems knowing how to open a perfume spray bottle. You should also know how to refill and care for your perfume spray bottle. Visit our website for more information.

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