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The Evolution of Ampoule Packaging

The development of ampoules has been well received by consumers, and the product line has been continuously extended, from skin care ampoules to hair care ampoules. Next, let’s introduce the development and changes of ampoules.

Ampoule 1.0 Era – The Story of Glass

Since ampoules were first developed from medicinal ampoules, the original ampoule packaging followed the glass bottle packaging of medical injection ampoules, and it has also become the most common ampoule packaging design on the market today.

Glass ampoules need to be broken from the neck of the ampoules with bare hands or with tools. In actual operation, they are “dangerous”, and fingers will be scratched by the sharp glass edges if they are not careful.

The packaging design of this ampoule is very similar to medical supplies, which can well highlight the high efficacy of the ampoule, and the glass material is not easy to react with the high concentration of functional ingredients, and the preservation effect is good.

However, it is worth noting that glass ampoules have potential safety hazards when they are in use. They are easily broken during transportation and are inconvenient to carry when traveling. When opening the ampoules, it is easy to cut your hands. In addition, once the ampoule is opened, it must be used up immediately, otherwise the active ingredients will be easily deactivated when exposed to the air. These shortcomings of glass ampoules have left background and motivation for the packaging upgrade of ampoules.

In order to solve the safety hazards of glass ampoules, manufacturers have launched an upgraded version of ampoules packaging – with a bottle opener.

The era of ampoules 1.5 – ampoules must be opened with a corkscrew to be advanced

A bottle opener for ampoules appeared, and the dangerous era of breaking glass with bare hands has finally passed.

MartiDERM, the “originator” of ampoules, included a special bottle opener in the upgraded packaging of its hot-selling ampoules, which solved the safety hazards of opening ampoules, and made the opening of ampoules more ceremonial. A group of consumers with “phobia of opening ampoules” bravely embarked on the “road of no return” to buy ampoules.

In addition to the ampoule opener, the upgraded packaging also comes with a drainage catheter, which is said to be convenient for consumers to control the dosage, but in fact, after the ampoule is opened, in order to avoid the expired and deactivated essence, there is only one suitable dosage, that is Use up all at once.

It is worth noting that the safety hazards of opening ampoules have been solved, but the follow-up processing of glass, a dangerous and fragile material, is also full of safety hazards. However, some brands of ampoules on the market still adopt this packaging design.

Ampoule 2.0 era – the rise of diversified plastic ampoules

Some forward-looking manufacturers have seen the unmet needs of glass ampoules and launched disposable ampoules in plastic packaging to try to solve the problem that glass ampoules are easily broken and inconvenient to travel.

Plastic ampoules are mainly divided into capsule type and plastic soft ampoules type. The capsule type packaging is represented by the Korean brand Dr.Jart+.

Dr.Jart+ has launched a capsule-packed single-use ampoule essence “Blue Pill”. An ampoule is only the size of a normal tablet and can be used after tearing the packaging film. Difficult to store, it is best to use it up at one time.

The plastic soft ampoule is represented by the packaging of Runbaiyan sub-polished hyaluronic acid. The packaging shape is similar to that of the glass ampoule. It also gives a visual sense of medical supplies. It can be used by breaking the plastic seal. At the same time, the plastic material is soft and can be used. Squeeze to use.

Plastic ampoules solve the potential safety hazards of glass ampoules, and at the same time are more convenient to carry. However, it is worth noting that plastic ampoule packaging is a one-time plastic product, which is not in line with the general trend of environmental protection. In addition, the dosage of disposable ampoule is fixed, which cannot meet the individual consumption needs of consumers. The problem of freshness after opening has not been solved. solve.

The era of ampoules 2.5 – ampoules with caps

For cosmetic manufacturers, consumer demand is the primary productive force, so ampoules with lids appeared!

Compared with ordinary plastic ampoules, the new ampoules are designed with a cap to avoid oxidative inactivation of active ingredients and improve the preservation of ampoules.

Italian brand Perlabella and Spanish brand ANDOCARE have adopted special bottle cap designs to solve the problem of preservation of ampoules. Open the bottle mouth of the ampoule and turn it upside down to use it as a bottle cap.

The ampoule launched by the Korean brand Medihuill adopts a design with a bottle cap.

The capped ampoules improve the preservation of the ampoules after they are opened, allowing consumers to flexibly control the dosage. However, as a product that is used less frequently, the more complex and complete the design, the higher the cost.

The era of ampoules 3.0 – ampoules PLUS: more than just big

With the continuous development of the definition of ampoule essence, it is no longer limited to products packaged in ampoules. As long as it has highly concentrated and highly active functional ingredients, it can be called “ampoule essence”, and major brands have also followed suit. The general trend of environmental protection, the convenient and practical PLUS version of the large ampoule was launched.

Clinique’s new Double V Ampoule Essence falls into this category. In order to maintain the high activity of the ampoule, Clinique uses a special double-sealed vacuum pump design to isolate the highly active VC and VA from other ingredients, and wait until When needed, press the top of the ampoule to mix the ingredients. According to the brand introduction, this packaging design can maximize the retention of the activity of the functional ingredients.

The Chinese brand Lipustide adopts the design of vacuum pump inner core + replacement device. The inner core adopts an opaque sealing design, and the capacity reaches 10ml. Convenience, for consumers, but also save the cost of purchase.

The rise of ampoules is only a few years old. Up to now, the packaging of ampoules has multiple attributes such as preservation, safety, convenience and environmental protection. It is foreseeable that the category of ampoules will evolve into more technological, innovative and practical packaging in the future.

Somewang will also spare no effort to innovate continuously.

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