Advantages of Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum Bottles are typically made through either an impact extrusion or deep drawing process, followed by additional necking and thread forming steps.

Aluminum bottles have a minimalist look and are ideal for packaging lotions, perfumes and other cosmetic products. They are seamless and can be easily fitted with screw caps, plastic caps, lotion pumps and spray pumps.


Aluminum bottles are more durable. The aluminum bottle is stamped from a piece of the aluminum blank without seams, so it has a good seal.


The atomization effect of the aluminum bottle is very good. We know that aluminum bottles are often used as packaging for sprays. Because the atomization effect of the aluminum bottle is higher than that of other materials, the sprayed liquid will make people feel cool and have a good experience.


Various processes can be done: silk screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer printing, spraying + bronzing and electroplating. Exquisite and beautiful appearance can attract the attention of consumers.


Aluminum is light in weight, which can greatly reduce shipping costs.


Light yet strong.

Aluminum foil has unique fold characteristics, which make it ideal for wrapping many different products.

Protective & Hygienic & Safe

Inner Coating Protection

Alu bottle is popular with big brands for its good oxygen resistance and barrier property.


Save over 100,000 GWh of electrical energy every year;

Save over 90 million tonnes CO2 every year.

Somewang provides aluminum bottles in various sizes and supports customization. Feel free to contact us any time.

Somewang,Make Packaging Easy.

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