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Cosmetic Bottle Material Selection

The styles and materials of cosmetic bottles are becoming more and more diverse. Today, let’s talk about the material of cosmetic bottle packaging.

Common cosmetic materials

According to the material body, it can be divided into plastic, glass and aluminum. These three materials are the most common cosmetic bottle materials. Among them, plastic and glass are mostly used in the production of bottles, such as cream bottles, essence bottles, set bottles and other products. Aluminum materials are mostly used for tube products, such as lipstick tubes, mascara tubes, etc. Aluminum packaging is lighter and more comfortable to handle.

How to choose the material of cosmetic bottle?


  1. First consider the properties of the product, and then determine the materials used

For example, if you need an airless bottle, you can only find it in the direction of plastic. If it is a high-end market, you have to look in the direction of glass bottles, acrylic bottles and aluminum bottles. Therefore, due to the consideration of different products, the materials will be very different.

  1. Consider the combination of product and packaging costs

For example, when looking for plastic bottles, there are many categories of plastics: PET plastic, PP plastic, PETG plastic, AS plastic. When the product goes to the fast-selling market, acrylic bottles and glass bottles will cause great cost pressure, so other plastic bottle products can be used instead. For example, although the hardness of PP plastic is not as good as that of acrylic, its transparency and hardness are still acceptable. The important thing is that the price is more competitive.

Plastic material analysis

  1. PET bottles: Many light and transparent plastic cosmetic bottles are made of PET.
  2. Acrylic bottle: exquisite appearance, high-grade; the cost is lower than glass, so it is very popular in the market.
  3. PP plastic bottle: It has certain transparency and hardness, and it has more advantages in price.
  4. PE cosmetic bottle: mainly used for packaging lotion, usually white in appearance.
  5. Glass bottle: It is the main packaging form of cosmetics, with a high-end and delicate appearance.
  6. Aluminum bottle: For some cosmetic brands who like metal appearance and pay attention to environmental protection, aluminum bottle is a good choice.

In recent years, cartons, plastic bags and wood products have also been used for cosmetic packaging. However, for now, the materials mentioned above are still the mainstream.

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