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Exploring the Benefits of PCR Packaging: Sustainable Solutions for Post-Consumer Plastic

You may have heard that product packaging matters, and that is correct. Think about it, after investing much money in producing a fantastic item, you want to package it attractively and securely. While the focus on packaging exists, it helps to ensure your packaging choices are also environmentally friendly.
Many materials are used for packaging items, and some are non-biodegradable, which means they can threaten the environment. This is why we have created a product line of PCR packaging.

What is PCR Packaging1

In this blog post, we will be writing about PCR packaging, why it is best, and how using PCR packaging is best for your brand.


PCR is an abbreviation for post consumer recycled plastics. This means the raw materials used to make the packaging for different products are from post-consumer resin. These are recycled plastics, reused to help protect the environment.

Using PCR plastic is the most sustainable packaging option globally. And we are delighted to be among the top-ranked companies providing these sustainable packaging options to customers all over the world.

Who Needs PCR Packaging Supplies?

What is PCR Packaging2

There is a wide range of opportunities for investors interested in selling PCR bottling and packaging supplies to retail users. There is a massive demand for bottling and packaging supplies in different industrial sectors. Also, producers of beauty products and other fast consumer goods need these packages made with PCR materials.

Producers of sodas and bottled drinks have a high demand for these eco-friendly packaging products. You can see the recycle watermarks on the plastic bottles used to package the drinks we often enjoy.

Also, producers of cosmetic products like hand and body creams, facial creams, tubes, jars, and closures need these post consumer recycled materials. These recycled materials are perfect for making plastic packaging for plastic injection and other pharmaceutical bottles. Also, there is a demand for responsible packaging alternatives in the medical industry.

We can continue mentioning names of industries where these highly efficient plastic packaging options are in consistent demand, like the military, automobile industry, and many more.

Overall, the benefits of using recycled plastics are apparent, and it is good that end users and other consumers in different parts of the world have accepted products made from PCR plastics.

Sourcing Raw Materials for Sustainable Packaging

What is PCR Packaging3

The ultimate goal is always to ethically source post consumer resin for plastic packaging in the best ways. We have achieved that goal as a company. Raw materials are always around us. However, there needs to be a proper collection method. With proper plans for sustainable packaging, the end users of plastic packaged products will save their waste, resulting in garbage dumps.

Here are the basic steps involved in collecting and processing PCR plastic:

Creating Awareness

Everyone living in the community needs to know about the need to protect the environment. This starts with educating the public about non-biodegradable products. Plastics are classified as non-biodegradable products. These products will not decompose when the users dispose of them in the environment.

When the public is aware of the dangers of disposing of plastics into the environment, they can cooperate with the local organizations responsible for collecting PCR plastics that they can recycle.

Therefore, creating awareness about recycled plastics and their benefits will help encourage more people to provide the materials needed to produce PCR plastic.

Organizing Proper Plastic Bottle Collection Points

After educating the public about the need to dispose of plastic bottles and other materials used for recycled plastic, it is essential to collect this waste. There are many recycling programs in developed communities. Local authorities usually hand out particular bins for collecting plastic bottles and similar plastic packaging materials for recycling. These can be color-coded bins, making it easy for the public to know where to keep their waste for recycling.

A proper collection structure will help enhance the collection of any plastic bottles or tubes from residents in that area. Also, they can create a central collection point for recycled plastic.

We should note that PCR plastic is made up of recycled plastic materials and other virgin materials. Therefore, the companies making PCR materials must establish good sources of these virgin materials.

Purchasing Waste HDPE Plastics

What is PCR Packaging4

The plastic recyclers then approach the local recycling agencies and make agreements to collect the HDPE plastics they have gathered from the community. The plastic recyclers transport these bales of plastic to their factory for recycling.

At the Recycling Factory

The final stage of making PCR plastics from recycled materials is converting the pellets into PCR plastic bottles, tubes, and jars. These products are suitable for packaging a wide range of products in different consumer sectors.

Advantages of Using PCR Packaging

What is PCR Packaging5

The virgin plastic from recycled materials is perfect. It works like other new plastic materials. You will hardly know if there is no tag showing the company has made a product’s packaging from PCR plastic.

There are many benefits of buying products the brand has packaged in PCR plastic. Here are the notable ones:

Thin Durable PCR Plastic Materials

The final product for the packaging is thin and extremely durable. The thin PCR plastics are versatile, which makes them more valuable to product manufacturers in different industries. Also, since the packaging is durable and secure, there are no losses from torn product packaging, even when they have to ship products to buyers across the globe.

Environmental Protection

Using products packaged in pcr plastics is also a great idea because it reduces the amount of non-biodegradable waste that enters dumpsites. That means fewer troubles for the environment. Unrecycled plastic remains on the earth for many years, causing severe environmental pollution from the harmful plastic refuse. Every member of the community should support the drive to lower the carbon footprint and grow the industry for packaging materials made from PCR plastics.

Secure Product Packaging Option

Many industries often need to send bulk orders across the miles. Therefore, it is essential to use products that can remain secure during transit. PCR plastics will not tear easily because they are flexible and tough at the same time. These are outstanding packaging options usable in different industries.

In addition to that, the tougher PCR material, which has virgin resin, can protect the product stored in eco friendly packaging. This is one of the benefits of PCR plastic. For example, packaged cosmetic products will remain unchanged by direct sunlight if the product is on display outdoors or during transit. This is so because the PCR material provides the best shield from UV rays.

Affordable Packaging

Compared to other options for packaging products, PCR plastics stand out for being affordable. This means in addition to protecting the environment, or at least contributing, the investors in PCR plastics can make a reasonable profit because there is a constant demand from the market.

No Need for Fossil Fuels

Many countries are battling environmental pollution and degradation, often caused by the processes involved in finding fossil fuels. The extraction processes are also harmful to the environment. It is always best to use sustainable options like PCR plastic instead of new plastics.

The fossil fuels are needed to make brand-new plastic products. So, making the switch to using PCR plastics reduces the need to source fossil fuels. This is one of the main benefits of PCR plastics in protecting the environment.

Also, reducing the projects involved in mining fossil fuels helps boost the economy by saving costs. We are currently seeing various advertising campaigns encouraging companies to focus on reprocessing existing plastics. These companies should find ways to incorporate recycled pet packaging in their business.

Investment Benefits

What is PCR Packaging6

Investing in PCR plastics for packaging is a great idea. The market already exists, and demand is high. Smart investors only need to locate local customers who need PCR plastic packaging. Then contact our company for supplies. That is the start of a lucrative business. It is easy. All you need is a warehouse to store the supplies, then buy from our company in bulk. We will ship our bulk orders fast to global locations.

Starting the Business

What is PCR Packaging7

You can order PCR plastic packaging like bottles for storing beauty and cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products, or food packaging from us. All you have to do is visit the product page, identify what you need, and send us your customer contact form. We will provide quick support to complete your order.

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