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SWC-BPA60 Refillable PP Material Emulsion Airless Pump Bottle

Model: SWC-BPA35-60/50-60/75-60/100-60/120-60/150-60/200-60 Categories: , ,

Uncover the brilliance of SWC-BPA airless pump bottles bulk, featuring diverse capacities, consistent diameters, and optimized packaging.

For SWC-BPA35-60 model, crafted from resilient PP material, boasts a 35g capacity, stands at a height of 88mm, and weighs a mere 43.5g.

Progressing to the SWC-BPA50-60, it comfortably holds 50g. With a consistent diameter of 48mm across models, it reaches a height of 96mm and weighs 44.5g.

The SWC-BPA75-60 offers a generous 75g capacity, stretching to a height of 112.5mm and weighing in at 48.5g.

Our SWC-BPA100-60 model, with a 100g capacity, stands tall at 129.5mm and maintains a weight of 48.5g. For those seeking larger sizes, the SWC-BPA120-60 offers 120g, stands at 146mm, and weighs 55g.

And the SWC-BPA150-60, with an impressive 150g capacity, extends to a height of 163mm and weighs 59.5g.

Moreover, the formidable SWC-BPA200-60 can hold up to 200g at a height of 194mm. Overall, contact us today and order our airless pump bottles bulk.


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