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SWC-BPA50 Free Sample PP Lotion Cream Airless Pump Bottle

Model: SWC-BPA35-50/50-50/75-50/100-50/120-50/150-50/200-50 Categories: , , ,

Elevate your product offering with the SWC-BPA50 series, a splendid array of PP lotion cream airless pump bottles, ranging from 35g to 200g.

Our PP lotion cream airless pump bottles meld design with unmatched functionality.

They range from the sleek 35g SWC-BPA35-50 model, boasting a height of 88mm, to the substantial 200g SWC-BPA200-50 variant, reaching a height of 194mm; there’s a choice tailored for every preference.

A harmonious 48mm diameter is consistently maintained across all models, encapsulating perfection and uniformity.

Furthermore, the carefully calibrated net weights ensure ease of use for consumers. In short, contact us today and add these bottles to your inventory.


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