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SWC-BPA30 PP Multiple Capacities Skin Care Cream Vaccum Airless Pump Bottle

Model: SWC-BPA35-30/50-30/75-30/100-30/120-30/150-30/200-30 Categories: , , ,

Presenting the SWC-BPA30 collection, where durability meets sleek design inrange of skin care cream vacuum airless plastic pump bottles wholesale, all with a 48mm diameter.

Our meticulously crafted PP bottles come in varying capacities to cater to every requirement.

With the compact 35g SWC-BPA35-30 model, flaunting a height of 88mm, to the robust 200g SWC-BPA200-30 standing tall at 194mm, we offer choices for every need.

All variants share a consistent 48mm diameter, ensuring uniformity across the series.

Beyond capacity, their net weight is precision-engineered for optimal handling. Therefore, order these plastic pump bottles wholesale and redefine your product packaging experience.


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