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Hot Sale 30ml 45ml 60ml Inverted PE Bottle with screw cap

Model: SWC-BE18L30KE/SWC-BE18L45KE/SWC-BE18L60KE Categories: ,

Hot Sale 30ml 45ml 60ml Inverted PE Bottle with screw cap

PE exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and solvents. This property ensures that the packaging material remains intact and does not react with the contents, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Item Name:
Capacity: 30ml 45ml 60ml
Material: PE
Lead Time:
Color: Pantone Color
MOQ: 10000pcs
Decoration: Can be clear, frosted, logo printing, silk screen and so on.
Payment terms: L/C; T/T; Western Union.
Free samples are available

PE offers several advantages as a packaging material, including excellent flexibility, superior strength, lightweight nature, water and moisture resistance, chemical resistance, recyclability, cost-effectiveness, and versatile printing capabilities. These properties make it a highly popular choice for various packaging applications across industries.


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