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High Quality PE Bottle 100ml/120ml/150ml/200ml/250ml Cosmetic Lotion Bottle with Outer Cover

Model: SWC-BE24L100JB;SWC-BE24L120JB;SWC-BE24L150JB;SWC-BE24L200JB;SWC-BE24L250JB;SWC-BE24L100A-2;SWC-BE24L100A-1 Categories: ,
Product name PE cosmetic lotion bottle with outer cover
Item code SWC-BE24L100JB; SWC-BE24L120JB; SWC-BE24L150JB; SWC-BE24L200JB;


Capacity 100ml; 120ml; 150nl; 200ml; 250nl
Material PE
Color Customized color
Printing Silk screen printing
MOQ 10,000pcs
Sample Freely provide
OEM/ODM Acceptable

The bottle typically comes in various sizes, ranging from travel-friendly options to larger family-sized containers. It features a screw-on or flip-top cap that provides easy access to the product and prevents leaks and spills.Functionally, the PE shampoo and shower gel bottle serves as a convenient and hygienic container for storing and dispensing these liquid products. It is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, ensuring ease of use during shower or bath time.

The PE shampoo and shower gel bottle is a popular and practical packaging option for these personal care products. It is made from polyethylene (PE), which is a durable and flexible plastic material.

One of the main advantages of the PE bottle is its durability. It is resistant to breakage, making it a great option for use in bathrooms or while traveling. Additionally, the flexibility of PE allows for easy squeezing of the bottle, helping to efficiently dispense the desired amount of shampoo or shower gel.

Another advantage is that PE is a widely recyclable material. This means that the PE bottle can be easily disposed of through recycling programs, reducing its environmental impact.In summary, the PE bottle is a convenient and durable packaging option for these personal care products. Its functionality, ease of use, and recyclability make it a popular choice among consumers.


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