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High Quality PE Apple-shaped Bottle 50ml/100ml Cosmetic Bottle with Mist Sprayer

Model: SWC-BE20L50C SWC-BE20L100C Categories: ,
Product name PE apple-shaped bottle
Item code SWC-BE20L50C
Capacity 50ml; 100ml
Dimension  SWC-BE20L50C: 53*27.8*71MM, 20/410
SWC-BE20L100C: H87MM, 20/410
Color Customized color
Printing Silk screen printing
MOQ 10,000pcs
Sample Freely provide
OEM/ODM Acceptable

The PE (Polyethylene) apple-shaped bottle is a type of packaging made from PE (Polyethylene) material. It is commonly used for packaging various products like beverages, cleaning agents, personal care items, and more.


Containment: The PE apple-shaped bottle effectively contains and stores liquids, powders, or granular substances, keeping them protected from contamination.

Protection: It provides a secure and protective barrier against external elements, such as moisture, light, and air, ensuring the product’s integrity and longevity.

Dispensing: The bottle design allows for convenient and controlled dispensing of the contents, either through a flip-top cap, pump, or a screw-on lid.Storage: The bottle is designed to be stackable, enabling easy and efficient storage, minimizing the use of space.


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