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High Quality Beauty Cosmetic Packaging Plastic Face Mask Container Body Cream Jar 250ml

Model: SWC-JP250CG Categories: , , ,

Item No: SWC-JP250CG
Capacity:  250ml
Size: D88*H65mm (height with cap)
Material:  PP for the whole set
Customized Option: Color matching, Silk screening, UV Spray Frosting, Hot stamping, Mentalizing.

PP Cream Jar is made of high-quality polypropylene material and is used widely across a variety of industries, including beauty and cosmetics, medicine, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and food. With good sealing performances, the plastic jar provides a safe and hygienic alternative for delicate contents such as food and drugs.

It is convenient for transportation and storage and makes for an ideal container for quality cosmetics and non-cosmetic products. For great reasons, the PP plastic jar is the most used plastic jar for packing and storage.

Strong and Durable Plastic Jar

PP jars are iconic for their high tensile strength. Polypropylene is stronger than most plastics, which makes them suitable for long-term preservation and remarkable for cosmetic packaging of eye shadow, foundation, and concealer.

Some of our cream jars are also made of PET, which is extremely durable and shatter-proof. This requires less protective caution when compared with glass jars.

PP material has excellent mechanical properties that make it resilient to scratches, dents, and deformation after use. One can reuse the PP jar repeatedly without losing its luster.

Ease of Transportation

PP plastic jar with a lid is preferable to glass because of its ease of handling. They are safe, light, and less prone to breakage, enhancing easier handling, packaging, and delivery.

Production Cost

PP jars undergo an easy production process that makes them readily available and cost-effective. Due to the lightweight and non-breakable feature of PP plastic jars, they weigh less than glass. This helps cut down the cost of shipping, returns, and refunds on goods due to damage, hence maximizing business profits.

Eco-Friendly Materials

PP jar is an attractive quality cosmetic packaging made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. These plastics are recyclable, reusable, and sustainable.

Non-Reactivity PP Cream Jars

PP and PET plastics are advanced thermoplastic resins with incredible properties such as chemical resistance, waterproofness, anti-static, weather resistance, and non-toxic properties.

They are ideal for numerous packaging options, including food, cosmetics, drugs, snacks, and candy. They are non-reactive to fats and almost all other organic solvents.

Sizes and Packaging

Our PP jars with lids are available in different types based on the product they will contain. When you send in an order, do specify the need, as that will help us tailor the PP jars to the need.

For example, an apothecary jar plastic is original for drugs and nutritional supplements, whereas cosmetic jars are for creams, gels, and makeup.

These pp cream jars come in different sizes, shapes, colors, degrees of transparency, and styles with lids of matching or different colors. They can be customized to reflect your business brand.

The lids are fitted with different thread designs, including the multiple starts and the continuous thread version.

Versatile Use

PP jar is versatile and can be used as a cost-effective substitute for glass. From candy jars with lids to restaurant glassware, from spice jars to canned foods, and from supplements to cosmetic packaging.

We have PP jars with single and double walls to suit diverse brand products and business needs in stock.




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