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Water Mist Spray, 20mm, Double Wall, AS Cap

Model: SWC-SPP201AJ Categories: , ,

Presenting this innovative water mist spray designed to deliver a fine water mist, ensuring a refreshing and even application for your product.

Our water mist spray, item number SWC-SPP201AJ, is a game-changer in the packaging industry.

It is intended to fit perfectly onto various bottle types with its 20/410 neck size.

This sprayer is composed of durable PP material to withstand frequent use.

You will also value the distinctive double-wall construction, which offers additional protection for your merchandise.

The stylish AS Cap completes the ensemble by bringing a touch of refinement.

This water mist spray stands out due to its thin mist output, which is ideal for various applications.

Every time the sprayer is used, a steady, fine mist is produced, whether for face mists, cooling sprays, or hair products.

Additionally, at Somewang, we understand that packaging plays a significant role in conveying your brand’s identity.

To help you match the sprayer exactly to your brand’s style, we provide a color-matching service.

And we also provide a metalizing service for customers who want to upgrade their package. This gives the sprayer an eye-catching, opulent metallic sheen.

Why not select our water mist spray instead? It’s the ideal technique to raise your product’s aesthetic appeal while enhancing its usefulness.


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