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24mm Lotion Pump, Long Nozzle, Clip Lock

Model: SWC-LPP241VB Categories: , ,

Presenting this 24mm lotion pump, a packaging solution that combines practicality and style, featuring a long nozzle and clip lock for secure use.

Our 24mm lotion pump, item number SWC-LPP241VB, has a long nozzle and a 24/410 neck size to ensure a perfect fit for a range of container sizes.

It is made of dependable PP material and is long-lasting and reliable, making it a great option for skincare items, including lotions, creams, and serums.

This pump stands out for its clip lock mechanism, which provides extra protection to prevent unintentional discharge and makes it the perfect choice for portable items.

It ensures a controlled and consistent flow of your product with a precise 0.5CC output, providing a sumptuous user experience while encouraging economical usage.

We offer a thoughtful packing list of 900 pieces per carton to meet your packaging needs, conveniently measuring 60*38*37cm.

Moreover, at Somewang, we understand the importance of brand identity and aesthetics.

That’s why we provide color-matching services to ensure your lotion pump perfectly aligns with your brand’s color palette.

Also, our metalizing service adds a touch of sophistication by giving your lotion pump a sleek metallic finish, elevating the overall look of your product.

Overall, choose our 24mm lotion pump to enhance your product with its superior functionality and visually appealing design, making it stand out.


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